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  • More people seem to be experiencing this. I have the same problem :'D
  • Thanks for the zen :) and I have the same problem with the emberite pet :/ I play on Storm server.
  • I can't check now... but doesn't it change the direction you have to scroll to zoom in or out?
  • a nice site with tutorials on how to draw eyes and hair :3
  • Because of the times of events :) I can't participate in a lot of events on pwi because of the difference in time zones. Would love to be able to start on a European server. :o ninja'd
  • I'm going to be a female bard ^-^
  • Thanks a lot for the reply ^^ even more excited to play now I head that :) I'm really looking forward to being able to play FW ^_^
  • Really nice guide and screenies :3 I know for sure now I'll be a light bard :) also a small question :x I noticed mana is quite an issue for clerics at lower lvls in pwi, the pots can't keep up with the use. Can pots/crafted pots keep up with the mana use for bards also at lower lvls?
  • Thanks for the awesome bard vids :D would love to see more of light-bard since I'm probably going to use that tree myself ^^
  • 1. bard (because of unique gameplay ^^) 2. marksmen (I love steampunk <3 ) 3. priest/mage (was set on priest first but after I heard they can't ress while in combat I'm like D: ) now lets hope that I get in cb... .-.
  • I'l be a female bard, I'm a girl for real so well.. I always play female chars (unless gender locked ofc) The thing is. People will usually call you "he" anyway... >.> since most ppl are guys and a lot of them play female chars. I personally don't care if someone plays a char of their own gender. As long as they're honest…
  • gratz to everyone who is in ^^ I'm not in :P but hea, you guys will post screenies right D: ? :D
  • I was planning on mage first. After class preview however I changed my mind xD I'm going to be lmao all the time while playing this class :3 really nice screenshots :3 hope to see more when beta phase 1 starts :D
  • waterfal lvl 83 venomancer on Sanctuary :) Still playing and will keep playing ^^
  • on my crtl+v: though i cannot reach my hands to touch you face I was just pointing out a spelling mistake to a friend.. O.o *cough* youR face *cough* came from this :o (I just wanna post it because it's pretty :3 ) too deep down in my soul is a feeling, no one can console and what i face each and every day for loving you,…
  • Online nick: not telling ya :o :x but I got a nice one in mind :3 Age: 17 Occupation: student digital media design :) From: Europe - the Netherlands MMO-ing since: I dunno o.o few years I think... class: mage (didn't deceide human or kindred yet) Well, I'm not telling my real name or ingame name. :) I'm 17 year old girl. I…
  • I agree with hotaro, it'dd be great if grinding/questing would get you better skills. makes me think of another game which I can't say here since it's against ToS -_-" there you had to use the skill to lvl it up. For new skills you paid x amount of money and train it on a dummy a few times in order to be able to use it in…
    in lvling Comment by merilwen June 2010
  • omg xD that one is so lame that it's funny xD and it would be great if they allow same sex embrace :3
    in Embrace, Comment by merilwen June 2010
  • lvl 15 in 3 hours sounds like pwi lvling speed :) that'd be great ^^ in BoI lvling speed seems a bit high to me too. :/ gets boring so soon .___. no challenge there. Also you can solo lvl fast there >_> I hope FW will be more like pwi :) more teamwork needed too ^^
    in lvling Comment by merilwen June 2010
  • good that there's at least no bot :) so you actually have to do something for your lvls. I hope it'll be about the same lvling rate as in pwi tbh :3 gives it at least a bit of challenge :)
    in lvling Comment by merilwen June 2010