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  • I can't speak for the majority of course, and maybe players who have invested a lot of time and money won't leave, but I'm part of a group of friends (about 15+ people) who know this game pretty well and have all just left. The last three guilds I w…
  • Interesting thread, I loved FW at first but I am increasingly fed up with feeling so limited in what I can do here, as a player in a group of friends who have all stopped playing in recent weeks due here is what I would like to see change about the …
  • (Quote) Are you kidding me? Storm server has some of the most outrageous egos going! WC is a comedy watching them outdo each other for attention. I mentally give out gold awards for the most deluded tool in game that day. Not just pvp related wazze…
  • I think the codes were a one-off offer, I got one but I couldn't check emails at that time and when I eventually opened it the damn thing had expired (3 weeks only). I asked support if I could have the code resent but they said no way, and stated it…
  • I was actually cheering when the GM posted, even if it was about the gold spammers, because at that time in my MGT there was a real nasty piece of trash racially abusing someone and when we said "OMG look a GM!" he totally crapped himself …