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  • Also cheaper in the long run,when you take into account all of the fails you will have to endure and loss of star crystals.
  • Well with all of the 1 day sales lately,seems as if fw is getting pretty desperate for money....Are things getting bad for the money hungry mega wallet humper??Now they throw in lvl 5 gems.Only shows to what depths of desperation they will sink to in order to find someone ignorant enough to spend any where near that kind…
  • Nothing like some fresh pasta first thing in the afternoon
  • The FCC has invade fw...did anyone notice that they are still using level 40 pots?
  • Don't quit your day job,because obviously being a troll is just not for you.
  • How dare you do maintenance on this holiest of tuesday's for shame Ray...for shame :p
  • To be honest,if you power level there is nothing to actually look forward to as "end game' content.It lacks any real appeal of getting to 80 or even being 80.Other than a couple instances that you don't even need to be 80 to even run.But if you are wanting to power level than do as was mentioned in the post above and that…
  • Auto fishing means you stand in one spot,not run around finding ore nodes.Even if they made it to where you can stand by one node and auto mine it when it pops back up.You're going to be wasting your time.Because you never know how much you will get,either 2-6 pieces or lower.None the less if you want to mine don't be lazy…
  • Even if there were raids/dungeons that dropped,purple gears and or other items.The more people that would run it,the more gear there would be.The more gear that would be out there in ah the price of the gear would go down.But seeing as how they would have pre-made gem slots.Would cause people to buy star crystals and…
  • In the UI tab of the settings 3rd box down on the left.It says Guild Name/Mark click on the drop down box and select show....A few secs faster at typing than I magicka :p
  • You get extermination/dragon orders from Melinda,and you get the bounty quests from Horatius.Both are are in nightfall and right next to one another.
  • You're welcome,hope it helped :)
  • You either must not have read my post carefully before quoting me or you rushed through it.I stated that they are not the highest dps class.Read before you post,most times it helps.
    in Most DPS Comment by leviathal June 2012
  • That's just random crashes...it's normal :rolleyes:
    in Error Comment by leviathal June 2012
  • Can't say that I have noticed any change in the chance %.I still get a decent mix of trash azures which get sent to my mage and then some good gems.
  • XD MM's are the highest dps over all of the classes...Common sense from playing a similar mmo for a few years.Highest dps output for the 4 listed goes like this. 1.Mage:for having strong aoe and quick cd's,just over all a dps/aggro hog. 2.Assassins:for their out right raw dps power house attacks/dot's...plain and simple.…
    in Most DPS Comment by leviathal June 2012
  • It's there,I had a hard time finding it when I had to do this quest.You just have to look more closely than normal in order to find it.Don't try to rush through while looking for it,and don't give up until you find that rock and beat it with a stick!! XD
  • I would like to see some things implemented into the game.Such as events like the well known and infamous WoW.Well on this forum and others.Because all games are rivals trying to get the dollar out of the players pocket first.But none the less back to what I was saying...Events such as christmas they have it to where you…
  • http://freetoplaymmorpgs.com/forsaken-world/tag/forsaken-world-vampire-build/ This site has a lot of the scroll and where to get there from.
  • http://www.mediafire.com/?7yo101an6b2aouk both game .exe and patcher .exe are in there
  • Would just closing the game window and reopening the patcher exe.Not do the same as wasting the time to verify all of the files?Since it will auto update as soon as you open the patcher exe and save time.
  • You can get a decent amount of gem boxes from gl even if you are not botting since now you can reset it.All you need is 2 accounts or even one account with 3 level 60's and you can run gl 15-18 times with in a week x2 boxes per run = 30-36 boxes.If you sell them or the gems,that is if you don't need them.It's nothing but…
  • Personally I would rather have better events,than to be able to socialize with the gms.
  • Have you played the assassin class?If you have then you tell me what exactly they supposedly can not do.If you haven't then close your noise hole.Then come back and let me know when you have.
  • If it is possible to download it for that device.Then all you need to do is click on where it says download on the upper part of the page.Where it says game info/community/download.
  • Easiest way to solo him at a lower level is to stand on top of the straw shed looking animal shelter right by him (the slightly taller one,not the one next to it)also you can either stand on top of the boxes on the net or the net itself,and keep spamming your soul force trinket until he dies.If you stand next to the front…
  • Make sure that at least one of the orbs have a mount in it ;)
  • Sins and vamps give very little XD So you call making use of the buffs to take down a boss faster,or picking off aggro from straggling trash that get to the healer.Not giving anything to the group?Of course sins are not meant to be an assist class,that is if you have enough common sense to realize it.If you want to be…
  • Wonder if it will be worth the wait or a disappointment :rolleyes: