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  • Sad really, the game is barely a year old and it's already nearly dead for non-CSers Everything is in orbs these days, leaf prices are now skyrocketing, people don't want just anybody for instances or worldbosses. Face it, PWE screwed up faster with this game than any of their others. For the record you should probably…
  • Complaining about not being able to party with other CSers and steamroll everything and become more OP lol, the people on this game man So terrible, worst community ever.
  • Bad, there's no reason to NOT play an ice mage or dark/hybrid sins if you want to win in pvp, long as you have a priest with you
  • The imbalancing problems have started, no it's not as bad as PWI but it's beginning to go down that road slowly, sins and ice mages being the sole problem right now. If something isn't changed soon, a bunch of people will quit.
  • When are you all going to realize this game has possibly the worst balance in any MMO. A whole bunch of 70+ people i've seen on Storm know absolutely nothing about their characters and still win in PvP cause they have level 3 wings and 80+ mastery, meanwhile I see the ones who actually plan and learn the in's and out's of…
  • You're better off spending $1500 on something that matters
  • No permanent solution? lol, 99% of the other MMOs out there don't do this, it can be fixed and it's more like laziness than anything
  • People still think low level duels and pvp matters?
  • In other words, a large group of people who can't read a ToS complained so hard they now get a better mount than what they had before with little effort, while people who've probably opened hundreds of orbs and got nothing continue to get nothing.