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  • But you don't have Counter Measure or Force of the Land. Might be a better idea to go further in Diamond tree then compensate with runes -- I'm 100% sure you can get Blessing of Rocks, Abominable Will with runes, not sure about Spirit of Rocks. Even with just Blessing of Rocks rune, you can skip 8 points in Granite to at…
  • While I understand account sharing being not allowed for liability reasons -- as in PWE doesn't want to deal with it if you end up having problems with your account because of account sharing -- I find it stupid that people have actually been banned for sharing accounts. It's not like they're hacking, or abusing the game,…
  • From what I've gathered in the past, the bug wasn't that it didn't give Fury, but that it gives a "bugged" fury that (1) can go above 10 fury and (2) prevents you from getting more fury until you lose your current stack. From what Acier says, it sounds like it's still bugged.
  • On our server, the number of people who can run FP properly is not that high. If I could actually tank it properly I would actually try to run it. Ironically, I am getting arena gears because it's the easiest way for me to get the prerequisite HP to not get 1-shotted by Kluer, which would then make me not need any FP…
  • I just hope it gets fixed faster than pet renaming.
  • Corrupt Panther, Nyo's Minion, and Battle Panther all got screwed I believe... Which really sucks. Now I'm just gonna lose my license and cry whenever I see someone riding a mount ;~;
  • Has anyone had the problem where the teacher's quest says the teaching is successful and completes, but the student still has the quest? I've tried fiddling with multiple dance attempts/relogs/etc, nothing seems to work...
  • Can we get any kind of general status on the bans? Did they already ban everyone that needs to be banned, and unban everyone they think should've been unbanned?
  • Except that touching the achievement shop does not mean you should've been banned. It was a legitimate shop that happened to be bugged. Not to mention that I have friends who were banned even though they didn't receive anything from the shop.
  • A guildmate was having problems. Finally managed to teach it properly after like 6-7 attempts at dancing, so it does work eventually.
  • Does anyone know the status of the bans? Are they done banning/unbanning people or no? Because I know at least one person who got banned but doesn't deserve it in the slightest.