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  • Really sorry for you buddy , but maxing Wisdom on wind reapers is simply just for style points. We don't get clear advantages with it compared to all other classes that get cc/cdodge etc from it. We literally get double cast speed on sonofwind buff at 100 wisdom on both trees. ( Son of wind is a trigger buff , basicly…
  • Amured Angel Wings By Mekaro : Illyfue These Wings are my own creation inspired from my fathers tattoo. The model and volume of the wings can be enhanced to any grate or quality on request. ( Crdits will go to Mekaro from Illyfue server , she couldn't post it because she hasnt used the forum for…
  • Can somone tell me a good talent tree / runes for Blood Wind? Ive stoped playng the game a year a go and just got back. Ive got 92 wind mastery lvl and 575% CD with a 69.50% CC rate self buffed. I simply cant get room 20 under 25% in HRD.
    in HRD Comment by kraisler January 2017
  • As i sayd above Divi. I'm a main brawl but i also use wind as a secondary tree. And as for ur HR rank , i can guarantee you there no way you can beat a Blood Wind there if you both have the same IQ and stats for the simple fact that ur aoe is useless compared to theyr. Blood Wind tree has 0 cooldown on Wrathful trister…
  • Would be great if it was english tho :D
  • I just got it on Illyfue , thats the rune for "Zephyr" on wind tree. Its called blowing wind but goes to Zephyr. Hope that helps.
  • Well , until you get stronger and get some runes to cover some abilities while ur skill points fill other spots , focus on anything that increases ur dmg/ crit chance and reduces ur cooldown on skill. Id post you my brawl tree but i swaped to wind for a couple of weeks to farm my demon in HRD a bit. I will however make a…
  • Right . I'm a main Brawl and regardless of whatever anyone says. Brawl is the Ultimate pvp / pve single target DD. It has it flaws in a huge HP loss / skill cast but it also has a lot of self healing abilities wich if used right. Sorta make you the tankyest and most annoyng **** to fight againg. The only thing that sux…
  • Kinda feel you there CVC.
  • Actually you just made me smile , just gave me a picture of theyr meeting ( the marketing director simply keeps the maint director under hes/her boots ) :)))
  • Haha , giving for how long you play bro, you'd get to think that you got used to FW. I'm here for 5 month only and i already know that whenever there's a server maint/patch nothing good comes out so i just live with it. Whining about it wont make any diff and they hardly give a ****.
  • I've seen 1 or 2 Decent wind BR's in FF as for brawls , despise the fact that they're a rare tree selection, i've never seen at least 1 with stats close enough to mine. Si i'll take ur word when you say you can take on a brawl but i can guarantee you red handed i can 1 shoot a whole raid in FF by the simple fact that…
  • Auch! Rofl my bad then , i thought they're being added to our server :D
  • Wind BR's are good in FF alone if ur vs multiple oponents and ur not being CC'd like mad. I'm a BloodBrawl kindread and i can guarantee you at least on Illyfue there's no reaper that can whitstand me nor win me in a 1 v 1 ( Even a few other classes from the server with way higher stats than me have a hard time vs me and…
  • They're on the forum already but they're google translated from a chinese forum as they can't be asked to translate them properly and you only get confused instead of actually knowing whats going on . My advice , wait for the game to be online and just figure it out urself along with ur friends/guild mates.
  • The problem is not jsut the 5D , like ** the 5D, but the sad thing is , along the time Reapers have been badly managed even since they came out. On blood harvest patch they couldnt get all the items like other classes , like there were no gray/white BR items for a cheaper fortify. Then the rep. dealers didnt have 2 parts…
  • I don't want to be funy but 1. i can't understand a god darn thing from that google translate thiggie. 2. Why are the servers down if no maint was announced. 3. Is there going to be a new patch added so soon after Freedom Falls? O.O
  • Still stuck at 51 , furthest ive got was 7% 2 weeks a go , didnt try it since but i supose its meaningless since im just a lvl 2 winged bloodbrawl , ougha work on my crit gems. Hardly have any problems tanking it altough i lose 5-20k HP /skill + boss dmg. But not nearly enough crit chance and crit dmg to beat it e.e
  • You've missed the whole point BG , i sayd a reaper for a reason , BloodBrawls at 100 nature get 20% Crit chance on Mad cleave wich is already buffed with 8% CC and 35% CD , add that to the 70%CC and 600% + CD And ur dead no matter what you use.
  • Id like to see that pwetty arena set VS a 70% CC and 650+ CD reaper thats got 100 nature.
  • Well well well , what do we have here...another QQ kid complayning about reapers...oh snap..he never even played one ( yes i have ) Not long enough aparently. How can a class that can suicide in the middle of FH hiting plain air be OP? Lmao. Yes its true , if ur a blood brawl you have uber dmg in pve with fairly mediocre…
  • You've gotta be kidding with that box, Buy star diamonds from otis for 12 ToF and sell them at npc for 50SG. that way you turn 120 ToF into 5SD.
  • It took me 20 wasted diamonds to see that the NPC in NF that's suposed to give 125 vigor and 125 gem tokens doesnt give vigor we're payng the full price for half the product...proper PWI..what can i say.T;Nosebleeding
  • Now, i'm not tryn to be funny but the orbs we're a fail to start with , the rewards should have been bound. Ppl with a gazilion alts but **** stats got max mastery overnight. Then these new orbs in CS shop for gods sake, u guys are taking every chance a normal player had to be somone in the game. then the Eye…
  • So basicly you gave up on the Cooldown time of ur longest cooldown skills just to max out choking gale? ( wich btw is more of a pvp thiggie than pvp )
  • Lets say we understand the part with the rollback since sht happens. BUT! What could you ever compensate players with to make it worth the time we've lost? Some of us really achieved stuff in the past few days. And some of us got lucky opening packs and such. Can you guarantee that we will get the same things from the…