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  • Good Morning :) First of all sorry for my bad English, i hope you can understand me. I started to play forsaken World 2011. The best time for Arena was with lv 45 or 60 to fight against other groups without the Crossserver. Now we have an other time and need to accept that. I think there are positive and negative aspects…
  • iam a dark vamp and cant kill Room 22 ._. its really humiliating :D think room 50 maybe with lv 150 :D
  • Good Morning :D as a pve-player and noob-pvpler i need to say, that sins, warris and mms are horrible for me. In 3v3 its so hard for me to use more then 3 skills without cc... so anybody can nominate his "op"players for themselves. The biggest problem is, that the dmg is to high. Some krits are not normal and idk how i can…
  • Good evening :) My List: Warrior: Develich omg so much fuuu dmg xD menengroth Bard: Seizmo good cash not more Haffsbard best bard know how to play Irrtys nice equip mm: MachTrois, really nice equip and so much dmg...! top mm iLikeBigGuns Priest: Arorias best priest, nice reaction! Divillae Mage: BalthazarFeu PaccoII Vamp:…
  • its really interesting what you want to know lycanella ;) first of all i have no contact with one member of your guild so why are you lying? Last time i talked with one of this Guild was because i helped him with a problem... so pls don't make up any rumors
  • First of all you need to know, that this "Mod-Chars" are only for Ingameevents and Livestream, because they dont want to play with private chars there. So they dont get stuff, leaves or something elses for their own. Secondly that PWETeam-Guild is just for the Communityteam. No other player is in that Guild. So relax and…
  • Domino pls just give Dyos, Shylia and Milas presents, other server have certainly a rollback in same days :D so its stupid to give them presents :)
  • Thx *-* its really cute :D but was really expensive 130d... Kind regards xSkyFall
  • killed on dyos :) Thank you :) Kind Regards xSkyFall