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  • Yes I have the same problem as well and when I download it again it says "Another instance of this program is already running." or maybe I cut it off but I dont think i did ._.
  • Ok basically i just wanna ask when is Open Beta gonna start? You know what im just kinda of feed up here so i really dont give a **** about the Beta Phases. Im just waiting for Open Beta where i can actually play the game. ~ Originally Posted by breaker87 I Just Commented In The Contest Thread That I Thought You Were In…
  • Is being a priest good in this game? I wanted to play but wasn't accepted for closed beta :( If the pets are like how they are in PWI they try to take some time and just go grinding with him. If you want ur pet to catch up to ur level..that will take some work :). Take him to some mobs that will benifit his/her level but…
  • Nvm now :D
  • omg i cant see my sig!
  • Thank you chaos for helping me with my sig! :D
  • oh i love it! thank you! :D but how do you make it smaller?
  • Here's one done for someone in PMs : [/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] thanks chaos! but i kinda want some changes and the picture isnt really what i want >_< im sorry if those things sound harsh or anything >_< but i really are thankful of the work you putted into this! :D i hate to be changing this and that after someone putted…
  • hmm..let's see Real name: Jeni Age:18 Job:uh..part time job at McDonald's.....yeah that's true..not impressive..i know -_- From: born in China, lives in USA MMO-ing since: the 5th grade? Oh yes i love PWI but for some stupid reason with my laptop i cant play anymore...hate it.I was waiting since like forever to play FW and…