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  • I think more people would participate if credit was given and item was actually put in-game, which is not guaranteed atm. Would really suck to waste effort to design all the fashion and it gets sweeped under the rug as an event that never saw daylight. I know a couple artist friends who would enter if the rules were more…
  • Domino will love this comment.
  • Intro video (not part of the entry, just for fun): Entries: Head: Feast of Ice and Fire Headwear Chest: Luminary Shirt Pants: Enthusiasim's Trousers Boots: Devil Acolyte Boots Wings: Bloodshade Wings
  • 1. I don't go around saying I'm a non-CSer simply because no one will believe me (I wouldn't believe myself). People who know I don't CS have the facts to know, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion and belief. 2. I never go crazy over the fact I can kill Monarchs and/or crazy CS'ed toons. Everyone dies to someone…
  • Hello. Just wanted to point out that some of these names are cut off. So please make sure you don't send the codes to the names above as you see them. If winners see this, please post your full name below as a reply. A lot of these prizes tend to get lost due to things like this. *cough* Grats to all the winners!
  • Thanks for looking into it Dom!
  • That feels more like random to me. It's not based on # of deaths because even if you afk long enough you can get it. Sometimes I just die once and get it.
  • Can we get news on January raffle prizes too? I'm trying to avoid making another thread for it.
  • Cash shopping helps to a degree. For example, cash shoppers can have multiple OP toons that farmers simply can't (need to focus on super OP main or a bunch of average decent alts). Really end game stuff, like max rune energy and especially anima training and reforges (which actually you're forced to be a cash shopper for…
  • ^ move Code of Sortie up!
  • I complained about this issue to the guys doing it one time (spawn killing and even killing people up in spawn afking or just buffing) but apparently it made me look bad. :/ Go figure. I personally never fight after a match ends, unless someone hits me first. I've had lots of matches where I'm fighting, match ends, we all…
  • Still missing code for January raffle win here. Any idea when they will be sent out or if there was a problem?
  • FW forums always so salty. :open_mouth: I can say "elephant" and someone will make a case over it. Although this is pretty accurate in psychological terms. Unhappy people/players always get antsy rather easily. Shut the game down so all these souls can be set free!
  • Last week. Got a reply within 48 hours.
  • Ticket support won't help. I sent a ticket, here's what I got: Idk how to contact Domino directly? So I'll just send an e-mail. Not sure if allowed to share e-mails on forums though. :/
  • Why people don't wait at least until the weekend before charging/spending is beyond me. These promos all have 3-4 days so if anything, play it safe and wait until the last day. It's not rocket science. They do this for EVERY.SINGLE.SALE. :/
  • And while we're at it, I'm missing code for January raffle and people are still missing codes for Race to 100 event. Can we get all these sorted out before we make even more backlogs please? :D Thanks.
  • I know you're looking for an answer from Domino, but pretty sure we don't have this option yet, like the numerous other upgrade items we're missing and/or are bugged. Sometimes they release news just to make us excited. ;) But maybe I'm wrong.
  • When I said that, someone in-game told me that that was "barely considered trolling" so I thought I'd leave that out. ;) I'm still working on my troll game, but not quite there yet it seems. :/
  • This thread has gone so off-topic. :open_mouth: From rift issues > flaming > class balance > bashing > and now somehow ToD 95 raid. And please don't assume that just because someone is Superman with lv4 wings they will kill any 90 mastery/80 resist lv3 winged toon. You're forgetting class difference/runes/soul power…
  • If you disagree with me, that's fine. At this point I'm just trolling cause there's nothing better to do in-game or forums and I don't really know why this thread turned on me. I was just agreeing with OP, but I'll continue to bite. I don't even remember what I was discussing beyond that, mostly just waiting for this…
  • TL;DR but I'm one of the top PVP warriors in NA servers, so yea. I'm definitely too weak to handle them. :/ But keep being a hypocrite and giving me attention. ;)
  • Anyways, as previously mentioned, this thread was useless in terms of devs being able to do something about this issue. At least I hope it shined a light on an issue that may have gone unnoticed. But there's no discussion here. Please close this thread.
  • You're hilarious. But you make daft arguments. Good luck controlling all 20+ people in spawn to wait and not "chain rez" and then everyone of those people obviously has rocky/stealth/etc. they can use to stay alive. Oh wait, those skills are only available every 2-4 minutes. But guess what, give the other team 2-4 minutes…
  • Or increase base heals. As I mentioned before, it takes me roughly a full minute to heal up to full 200k health. And there are other things that can be done too. I figure that's really what this discussion was about. The countless alts respawning is nothing? Also, when you die and res, you're off wrath for like 10 sec. I…
  • You can figure this one out CK. ;) Who has wrath down, the person who just respawned after dying or the person killing people in spawn with RH? My comment was meant to reinforce the outrageously low Rift-base heals and the 10k ticks of damage that really mean nothing to us now with some 200k+ HP that the OP mentioned.…
  • I dare anyone to build a toon that can survive my Slash Storm with wrath down, just respawned at 10% HP (?) and healing at under 10k ticks. I will legit pay you 500D if you can make that happen (without using rocky, swift eva, etc.). Anyone who argues that it can be done, do it and make yourself some money. ;) Fact is,…
  • 1. Tell me of one person who has been banned for triple clienting when there's people running 6+ clients and doing just fine. 2. I wouldn't be against a ban anyways. Easiest way ever to stop playing this dying game. ;)
  • Apparently you have zero experience in this matter, so let me educate you. Lowbie Lost City was a GHOST town. 15 or so ores in a map where nobody else is collecting. Sure, I'd need autoclicker to beat my own self. ;) For those that are not aware, there are 4 Lost City maps. The lowbie 60's map you could've gotten 90 ores…