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  • You speak the truth friend. You speak the truth.
  • Obviously this isn't what you're looking for and we're well aware that its the same as PW, you seem to be the only one disillusioned by the whole situation. Go play Aion, or make your own game. lol No one is forcing you to play. o.o
  • Ahh, I see. Luckily I got in to Chinese and NA beta so I was confused. I thought he mean't during normal logging in and out, after F.W goes live.
  • Who cares guys? Let the PVE people PVE and the PKs PK. Isn't that what makes games like these fun? For example: I'm a PVE addict and I have been for a while, and i enjoy going somewhere and minding my business and having some random PK that Ive never seen try to, or succeed in PKing me and the battle or chase that it will…
  • Sorry if im being stupid, but what do you mean by "Correct Phase" :confused:
  • Here's a picture of me working on a melody for a client later that day. *thumbs up*
  • No he might not be, but anyone who has played any F2P for any extended time knows that PWE will do things their way. It's their company, you're just a client, not an investor. Another good point. PWE obviously has the means to create a game to the specifications you've mentioned but they haven't even done that for the game…
  • +10k Yes because no one plays F2P as a secondary for the P2P games they play? Good stuff. Good to know. :rolleyes:
  • To the people on this topic that talk **** about PWE not being fair or whatever your quams may be with the company. Why do you bother to still come to the forums, play their games, and give your input? When you know that 9/10 its going to get ignored and the CS/F2P will continue unhindered by your complaining and what not.…
  • That pretty much says it all! About ? ? If you're curious ask, dont just say you're curious lol EDIT: Final Host has been found, episode one almost finished.
  • 1. Protector 2. Human Mage 3. Vampire (just to get to random places as a bat)
  • You are my best friend. ~_~
  • Thats what worked for me back in Phase 2.
  • Aion? :O lol is that what you mean? If not, im not sure I understand. And even in Aion (played from beta to a month after live) the movement doesnt really help or alter that much. I mean YES you can avoid attacks and such during pvp BUT it takes on an FPS type of feel almost. And either way pros will be pros and noobs will…
  • Cry me a river. Every damn F2P game has QQ's like you all over. You dont like it? Dont play. Or pay to play. its simple. As for me. I'm loving it. Going from playing Lineage 2 its nice to find a game that has a similar play style and expansiveness.
  • Lmao so every situation with a healer is like that? Grow up. Also its called an opinion and something ive gone through numerous times so i don't take your input into consideration especially due to the sheer maturity you show in everything you post. (none) Oh yes yes. How mature. I lead a PVE guild so that means I know…
  • Quoted for truth. People might not care, but people that don't fail do. There have been plenty of times on my old PWI account that we would throw in a healer AND a dps healer on top of the other DD's. The majority of people might not understand, this is true, but for those that do, we utilize dps priests for just that dps,…
  • I'm well aware that it takes energy to tame, but even tho i have enough energy it is still red'd out until i have "enough" vigor. Anyone else having this problem or just me? P.S: It doesn't do that for me on the chinese servers.
  • Yeah thats our point, and also that it says nothing anywhere about using vigor until its red and you cant use it.
  • Exactly, im not shifting around on the forums just because i want to. Ive been taming and im waiting for my vigor to return seeing as how when i go to tame i cant. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think it might be because Taming . . . uses Vigor . . . :O but no . . . no . . . . apparently it doesn't and the ingame system is wrong and…
  • Make a Stoneman with a female name? :O Like Laura, or Lily lol
  • I believe this one. I cant wait to see a DD priest in action.
  • Great observation! I'm currently waiting on my vigor to recharge and i also found out the hard way. Hopefully they will fix this before or during OB
  • So . . . *twiddles thumbs* You guys know Vampires aren't real and open to interpretation, so the fact that there is an argument about what constitutes a "real" vampire is pretty ridiculous. Its the same as saying someones Imaginary Friend is the wrong color, size, etc. Its not your Imaginary Friend so its not going to be…
  • Unfortunately one host pulled out due to family issues so there is ONE spot open! Please read the first post if you're interested!!!