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  • at the end of the day simple fact if they get unbanned i'm quitting and a lot of others are as well so unban them and let them continue to destroy your game with greed and because kurtask is better than you isn't a reason to hack/cheat work harder then lame excuse YOU GUYS JUST GREEDY PLEASE GM's PERMA BAN THEM show you…
  • Dont be swayed but them saying they only bought **** items show them your game dont stand for there nonsense and perma ban them all :mad:
  • is this you admitting you did or was involved with this? really to see you of all persons admitting to what they did :eek:
  • you don't understand ITS NOT POSSIBLE that someone going to be living together and not share this hack or items from hack either way they should of done it SO AGAIN BAN ALL ACCOUNTS MADE BY AND ACCESSED BY THERE IP
  • you my friend did a GREAT job here what u missed is if u ban my IP i can reset modem and get a new one what we should be pushing for is a ban on ALL ACCOUNTS MADE AND ACCESSED BY the hackers. Simple no innocent persons would be affected because tell me you going to be living in the same house and we playing the same game…
  • ok so you telling me that we live in the same house and play same game and you found a hack your not going to share with me also account sharing is not allowed in this game so BAN the ACCOUNTS MADE BY AND ACCESSED BY there IP address not banning there IP address just ALL ACCOUNTS MADE BY AND ACCESSED by there IP simple if…
  • Crab if i was a woman i would of made love to you right now you have no idea how happy seeing this makes me feel i'm glad to see the users of that perma banned they deserve it but you need to realize they have alts the items they **** can be on or in the mail box of there alts i suggest you ban all accounts made AND…
  • i am so glad SO GLAD that you guys are actually doing something i know people got banned by mistake and the would be fixed but i beg of you PLEASE PERMANENTLY ban these people not those 3 day bans PLEASE they **** and abused exploits of the game PLEASE try and bring some sort of REAL punishment to these person you would…
  • i want them to remove this botting leave it to grind sp mobs ONLY please it is making your game less fun and with d3 and gw2 soon i would hope you fix this as to be able to compete with them
  • Minnie Marry Me Pls ;)
  • Minnie Is The Smartest Person Here Marry Me :o
  • i swear syren when u finish the book about how saintly final is tell me i need something to prop my desk up also attention seeking much :3 yo u want a sin weapon used the lil issues that happen between guilds and made your deal cata ent giving u a sin weapon so whenever cata drops u and envy dont take u back let me know…
  • from what i read here it seems that the he wants a eb weapon and im guessing envy didnt say yes sin is yours so he went with cata but the genius didnt realize cata dont really care about them just did it to weaken the force against them so have fun with your smart choice and ofc you didnt do anything wrong your a saint…
  • tbh i think you seeking attention no one cares its a game calm down