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  • meh if you can make your build work than go with it lol tbh i'll prolly use a talent compass at end game just to be sure. Some skills just may not be useful end game that were useful while leveling up.
  • that's how we do it in my guild. If everyone helps each other out there should be no problem. I know a few people who only have scavenging and give out the mats to all the crafters. Just find yourself a good community.
  • IMO crafted armor is the best. Shards are always a good starter set for level intervals if your into gear like that. It's good armor to have when you wanna look around for good elite blues. The only problem with the shard armor is that the bonus's are usually for a specific spec.
  • tbh i wouldn't put the points into fire power coverage either. I'm a lvl 50 marble prot and i have NO problem holding aggro without that skill. I hold aggro better than most prots i see in the game. that skill only add's bonus aggro not base aggro and it's not really needed. It doesn't add that much threat to all of your…
  • If you abominal will and a full stack of furry like he said you should have a pretty decent time holding the aggro. If someone does happen to take the aggro you should be able to pull the aggro in one or two hits because in theory the marble spec prot is an aggro generator. So the more time the battle takes the more aggro…
  • It doesn't get any faster dude. A good method that me and my guildies found is that you should try to save a chuck of your quests for the later intervals of the levels. (i.e. when your in the 30's save your quests for lvl's 35 and up, when your 40 save your quests for lvl's 45+) It doesn't get any faster and all the exp…
  • Rage of mind is very useful. It's give you some nice bonus aggro from the attack and it helps keep it on you and if you decide to duel(in pve server) it helps out quite a bit. You won't need the healing aura, it honestly doesn't do a lot.
  • It's all about preference and knowing your class really. Im a marble spec and i bust **** in pvp and pve. I barely lose duels as a marble but that's just my preference. If you can pull it off as diamond than so be it. It can't be denied that marble is a better tank so you can't really get mad at people not wanting you as a…
  • lol i need over 10m exp to hit lvl 44. It only gets slower dude so if you don't like it now than quit the game. It doesn't seem to be getting any easier.
  • hmm i got back in
  • you need the artisan job to make off hands.
  • you must be feeling good about your self :D actually it's not much effort to type on a forum so yea and it sounds like your QQing to me cause the original post was a big rant about why you didn't like the system as if it was going to change anything and i obviously am keeping you going so i think i'm doing a pretty decent…
  • marble spec prots pretty much need all their skills and we don't get much so lol
  • lol creativity go's a long way my friend. You keep repeating yourself. Is d!cks all you can talk about because that's all you seem to care about. Keep QQin troll :D i love feeding you trolls cause your blabber is entertaining :D
  • Yea i agree with you it has gotten a lot better as i just hit lvl 37 but it still shouldn't go as fast as it does, don't you agree? for only three useable attacks it shouldn't go that fast lol
  • i went marble cause i love to tank and my friend went granite and he's loving it. Every tree has its' strengths and weakness's.
  • -farming elites: the shards they drop and the mats they drop sell for a pretty decent amount. You can realm hop and keep the stacks going. -Instances: Places like EC and LH have some pretty decent drops in the AH. -Farming pets: there are souls walking around that you can sell for quite a bit. (locations you must find on…
  • I agree 100%! Even with this set skill tree's there are still ways to tweak the build to your own and with a game that gear heave that's where you get all your stats. That will also be part of your build and can also be customized. I think every person should fit their build to their play style and not give a **** about…
  • 110 and i AM playing a protector. lvl 37 marble prot and loving it :D
  • I'm lvl 37 and the highest lvl is 43 in my server atm. Im pretty much keeping up with everyone adn i haven't spent a dime on the game. I have better or just as good gear as most CSers and i have a mount. I keep up in levels, dmg, defense, hp, and everything as a marble protector. You don't need to spend money on this game…
  • The amounts of QQin on this forum post is out of control LOL Here is the simple truth: If you don't like it, Don't play it! Wow what a concept. Why would you post something on a forum of a game you didn't like? Seems rather pointless. Not every PvP system needs to have some epic reward for winning. Some people actually…
  • there's a lot of daily stuff you can do to get exp and teh wind scrolls help out a lot too as you get towards 40. It's not that crazy to level imo. it gives it a challenge and i enjoy and besides oblivion is so big that you don't need an inbetween area haha at least imo.
  • Well, as a marble spec prot we don't have many skills for attacks. We have 3 attacks and a few buffs and that's all and we STILL go through mana like crazy. We don't have the luxury of stopping (only during dungeons) and eating some food or drinking the drank. We have to use pots or we can't hold aggro and that sucks when…
  • i have no problem getting pots and what not but i the mp does get consumed really fast.
  • Im a lvl 36 marble spec prot and i have NO problem holding aggro at all. Your getting the wrong idea with the mass taunt. It's not meant to hold the aggro but more to distract the mobs long enough for a mistake to be fixed and the party to get a hold of the mobs and plus at lvl 40 you get an aoe and passives to upgrade it…
  • I'm a lvl 36 marble prot and i have NO problem holding aggro and dealing dmg as a marble prot. I mean granted i have all of my gear upgraded to 4 and sharded but it's not hard to do that (and yes i did it without cash shop). The marble build can be deadly in both pve and pvp cause im just about un defeated in dueling with…