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  • Domino, I just wanted to ask if you guys have a fix ready for the things that get broken after every big content update...namely ToF soulforce trinket. Probably not, but I'm hoping you guys were thinking ahead this time.
  • I have mixed feelings about keeping the npcs. So much so that I don't even know whether I truly want to vote one way or the other. Those npcs were beneficial to me at first when the price of heavenly coins and pearls were at an affordable price for moderate farmers who don't CS much (if at all), but now I find myself…
  • missing borders on some items in bag, anima rage/shelter and all my items that were locked prior to the maintenance are now unlocked.
  • alwanr is Armenthys on Lionheart
  • Nyos/Dyos Onslaught is NOT "unaffected by soul power" so it will not stack.
  • my main tree is Dyos and i'm not experiencing this issue at all. The only thing i can think of is that your synery level isn't matching your talent level for that specific sp talent...but since you said they were both maxed it does seem a bit odd.
  • The game is notorious for memory leaks in extended botting sessions. These memory leaks will eventually cause issues with the combat assist and will exhaust system resources. Rebooting clears the game completely out of memory, hence why rebooting works.
  • last time I had that issue I had to reboot my pc to return proper functionality to the combat assist. Give that a try,
  • This may seem a bit like a qq..but I don't really think it's all that fair that some of the people that got the drake mount are also going to be able to participate in this event. It may be something that only serves an aesthetic purpose, but in the spirit of fairness I can't help but point this out.
  • Will the developers ever consider giving us the ability to re-roll our race?
  • some people on Lionheart are still able to redeem the code, while the majority of us aren't. Can we just get this code working for NA servers so others that aren't able to claim the mount can have a chance to get one? Damage has already been done, at least let us all be able to use the code.
  • some nice sales going on too. Just a shame that PWE has all but killed off the leaf exchange giving us farmers a slim to none chance to take advantage of the discounted prices of some items.
  • Personally, and I don't mean to derail this thread, i'd really love to see some orbs with some useful, but not gamebreaking, things that could be purchased with soul leaves since a lot of people have an excess amount due to ocean hearts etc. Even something like Solar Orbs for soul leaves would be nice. I would much rather…
  • just saying. unless i've missed something.
  • The point wasn't that that is their job, dim69latrick, the point was to show appreciation for the priests who are tactical in what they do to ensure their raid has a fighting chance to gain a win as opposed to the priests who play without much skill and let people die due to not prioritizing their heals. That being said, I…
  • The rewards are based on nothing more than the amount of days you've played the game, not the amount of total consecutive days you've played. The message you are referring to about the login days, while somewhat being tied into devotion, is something completely separate and will not reset your accumulated devotion.
    in Days Comment by hits4hire October 2015
  • These are the possible drops from the mount box: Swift Dwarf Horse Mech Leaper Type I Unicorn Thunderroll Rhino Soul Swallower Ridge Beast Lightning Charger Mech Leaper Type II Virtuous Steed Obsidian Rhino Hell Blazer Ridge Chief Dwarftech Skyracer RS Cnidaria Jubilee Ladon Tyranex Aepelian Steed Hadlik Mammoth Ancient…
  • Bone ash is in the game. It drops from the mobs that hang around Wraith First Mate in the Free Islands (wraith pirate archer and wraith pirate swordsman). Anyways, stuff like boiling blood, undead essence and bound essence are easily obtained through fissure runs now.
  • will we ever be able to dye our wings?
  • can we not just leave that fashion in place? it's going to be so sad to actually see the fashion section bare again when the event is over lol
  • that's because you maxed your roses for normal HR. you need the mats from HRD for the princess now.
  • I was able to claim my flare card while I already had one active
  • Domino, I hate to be so pressing about the matter, but what's to become of those of us who have to recreate emails because of no longer being able to access the email associated with the account. Will we be accommodated or are we just out of luck? I can't even login through ARC on my other account because ARC defender…
  • as far as i can tell it's just demon who aren't getting the mount. we were having this discussion on Lionheart about the issue before this thread popped up and everyone who had a mount that went poof was a demon.
  • is support re-sending codes for people who have had to create new email accounts because they no longer had access to them? i don't want my other account left out just because the domain i used has expired :s
  • This is what inflation does. Now imagine you are a new player trying to gem your toon and not being able to run fate regularly. Free gold has caused more people to try to finish their gems with the consequences of making the price of gems go way up. Just one example of inflation on Lionheart. Goldsparks are even more…
  • Perhaps i've missed something along the way, but is the fashion that will be added to the boutique for this event going to require a mixture of soul leaves and Eyrda leaves to obtain a full set?