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  • I don't know what happened in maintenance, but now, I pick up my daily for weaponsmithing, and theres no info as to what I need to do.It just says "Complete quest:Hadassah Trace".Yet you cant turn it in.When I abandon it says "Quest script OnAward run time error."
  • Well, I was in right after maint and everything was fine...then I get disconnected and all servers except (West)Lionheart are white.... Apparently it's not just the EU servers
  • So they have a bogo for mercs to generate more gold on the server, everyone is doing Midas....... Then they have this debaucle and everyone spends up thier gold....... Simple solution, have another bogo for mercs to generate more gold again! LMAO
  • I've only been playing about a week, but as a HUMAN, we do get a "skill" pray.I got an upgrade book to level 2, clicked it, and nothing happened except I got a buff for a short time.I just hit lvl 50, opened my level up box and got another book for level 3....Again, no upgrade. This picture clearly shows me getting a book…
  • Well, I have killed Soulbounds and Specers that didn't have the shields up, neither of these has dropped any for me.There were some Horrific ones around that I killed and got 3 for 3 on...The only issue now is, they aren't re-spawning, there are no more, and I'm only half through. I have no clue how to make then spawn.I…