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  • Breakfast and toothpick in one, porrrrrrfect service.
  • From Dyos I can tell: Only 2 players have beaten HRD50 yet, MakoxKora (sin), at least once, and myself, regulary since patch and once before. There are a few players stuck in that room, most of them with the same survival problem, I know it from 2-3 sins and 2 fire mages. For myself I can tell: Thanks to the atk reduction,…
  • Happened to me, too, probable solution: Go one further than max growth, so if it's 343/343, combine once more for 353/343 or else, then you should be able to upgrade, you won't need any items. Hope it will work :)
  • Confirmed. :sunglasses: I hoped that it was buggy because of zero points, when Velvet did it, but it wasn't. :'( To be honest, yes I got some crit prayer, R47 was still harder than R50 but I won't need that much longer to beat R47 w/o prayer, too... R50 went down easily but received up to 24k hits with 6k def :open_mouth:…
  • Me too, I'd really really like to know what might happen there! :o
  • Doing HRD seriously now, it's harder but reached R41, w/o any bigger problems. Some bosses dropped up to 30 acclaim for me, some rooms went better because of the new talents in Dyos/Nyos, since I haven't got legendary gear/jewelry yet, I really notice this cc boost but it doesn't replace the lost atk yet. I won't go…
  • I can only say... I'm terribly sad about this. Courage was strong, maybe too strong, but this? I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. Of course the wind bard is still useful and one of the best (because one of the ONLY) supporters but I already felt pretty lonely as wind bard in pvp/arena since only very few other did or at…
  • I think a bear would be the perfect pet, you can cuddle with them but in fight, they're cruelful! Adorable animals :# They're not causeless our most loved cuddly toys!
  • I'm really curious now, either way would be terrible... Did they change the mechanics of Infuriate and it depends on Basic Attack now? I know the "basic attack" which is almost only 4k atk, so wind bards would be nerved greatly. Otherwise, if they didn't and only changed the values, it would be terribly op and the…
  • Already discussed the poison sin DoT with our best sins but haven't thought, it'd be that effective, since the mobs in e.g. R41 got 22,2m HP and the DoT gets weaker over time, but wow, very impressive! :o What can we expect in R48 and R49? Last thing I know are the 8 mobs in R47 but haven't tried it since I made it there…