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  • It's been reported hopefully we'll get a fix or new codes soon :)
  • Refrain from sharing your email/account information on the forum. Not the best idea, everyone can see it. As mentioned above ^ please send in a ticket. You can do that through Arc or email Support: [email protected]
  • (Quote) This is Conovar's Starspot doll. i took a picture with it when he got it ingame on Eyrda server. (Image)
  • Keep that ticket open and let them know the results. You might have some back and forth while they suggest this or that before they do something on their end. f you can also send them screenshots or video that could also help @ardz Hey @boeiendd p…
  • @ardz you should send a ticket to support for yours. since you dc as soon as you log in. make sure to include server and character name. you can access support in the Arc platform top right under the "i" icon @shaulia press T and click the…
  • She should contact Support about this. You can do this through the Arc client. This sounds like something they need to look at on their end. However, if the character is connected to an inheritor alt and that inheritor alt is in the deletion process…
  • (Quote) It takes a week for a character to be deleted from the system. There's a countdown you can view while it's being deleted. You can cancel that deletion anytime during the process. But once the 7 days are up and the character vanishes from the…
  • My reply keeps getting deleted every time i edit it.. Maybe because it's too long. So I'll edit it down further. Press T on your keyboard for party settings and you can view most of the dungeons available in the various tabs. It has the level listi…
  • Hey there welcome back! You should automatically get it in your quest list. It'll probably lead you back to the new starter zone and have you run around there for awhile before it leads you to Nightfall again.
  • After a certain number zeal (unsure what the number is) the alts can simply apply to the guild while you're offline. The alts can press the i button on keyboard, Guild tab, Zeal tab and search for your guild among the active guilds to apply. Then y…
  • It displays the wrong description but it does give Nether Wings and they are bound. Someone on Eyrda got them and opened. It was bound to him.
  • That's awesome to hear. Glad it fixed itself!
  • Send a ticket with some screenshots. This doesn't sound like a normal occurrence.
  • Is it your first time getting this item or second? if first it's needed to upgrade your anima shelter. This item cannot be destroyed however if you go to Bloodskull and exchange it with Ankala Din for an Anima shard: Shelter, the Anima shard can be …
  • Since this ended awhile ago, I'll close the topic. No idea when prizes are going out currently. The Admins will address.
  • The PVE servers tend to have more players. The game favors cash shoppers but if you're a playing casually and not competitively and enjoy PVE, you'll like the game. If you find a decent large guild, they can help ease you back into the game and help…
  • Ooh I wonder what's up. So far it looks like it hasn't taken place yet.
  • My favorite memory was when the couple dance skill came out. When everyone got it there were large dance parties in Freedom Harbor. They were so much fun! People just gathering together ingame and having a good time. I recorded one of those dance p…
  • (Quote) I was thinking it was just elf female and male demon class when I first saw the news. Really curious if other races will have option to choose this class. So.. elf male or female... and demons so far have option to choose this class?