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  • I dont know why people say the FW downloader is slow
  • First and foremost dont pick up the quest until you find a partner that wants to do the quest also. After you find him/her heres what you do As a female you go talk to rio to get take the quest, go to the perfumer to get a perfume randomly, after you get the perfume dont do anything else, dont get any other quest from the…
  • Didnt work for me either, tried direct download woohoo 10 MB/s :)
  • So what exactly does the trade channel do? how is it different then the rest? Later Edit : Crabclaw said that the info posted on the De/Fr forums is wrong, illyfue will be Pve server and will not have PvP realms
    in Illyfue Comment by galvayra March 2011
  • Sigh, well i find it amusing how its always the "mature" people that feel butthurt over the internet, especially if you call them a kid , why dont you act your age instead of the "**** you guys im going home and taking the ball with me if you dont play my game" attitude
  • Let me give you a hint , for the future, as i am assuming your still a kid starting out in the world of the "internets" . When you type a message on a forum and words are underlined with red it means they are spelled wrong. Also it might help if you made some sense out of half the things you say. That is if you want to be…
  • There is a limit on how many times you can do it every day, it may or may not increase with level i didnt have enough proxies stored to test this every day as i leveled up but i remember not being able to do it more then 5 times in one day at around level 35ish As for mercury oracle i presume its related to the once/week…
  • This is my life's motto. You sir are lacking in the sense of humor department.
  • The only good keyboard-turner is a dead one as i crush him beneath my boots like an insect. That would be my "official statement" if i worked at PWI regarding camera turning with A and D or Q and E. Its a brave new world out there, i heard they made some technological breakthrough couple of weeks ago ... they call it ...…
  • There will be european servers in about 3 days, how is it that you dont know this? its plastered on every forum section and game page there is
  • Well 20 people complaining on a forum about pvp pretty much dont make up for any kind of majority, let alone the population of a mmo
  • Well i wont pvp so "the difference" wont affect me whatsoever. And its not like there there is one dungeon on the server and you can clear it only once and whoever does it first gets everything so it wont affect me in Pve either, even more if someone with alot of money spent on gear is in my party i benefit from it too,…
  • i tried with random letters and it works ... but who could play with such a name, i want my name QQ and if i delete my old character on the other server is going to take a week to get it LE: Oh well , workarounds ftw, i just use my old name and add a new letter or two at the end like GalvayraDps
  • Oh pokemanz!! where do i go to play pokemanz? -.-
  • Im sorry it is difficult to understand until you have seen what i have seen or done what i have done in a gameworld, im am simply choosing the lesser of two evils A very long time ago i used to play an online game(not a MMO) wich will not be named, we had pvp there you know what was diferent? when you killed a character…
  • Im going for PvE, i dont like the meaningless pvp that is present in all except a hand full of mmos. You want real pvp? go play a game where death really means something thats my opinion.
  • It is formed.
  • Well no, from what i seen on my own items green items and blue items of the same kind look exactly the same havent got any purples but i would guess its the same only the stats differ so there has to be another explanation
  • You can get some from praying if you are lucky tho its unreliable at best so dont make plans on it also you can buy non bound ones from players. And you can refine gear by using the green items that you get from run lola run daily event, tho the chance of succes is impossibly low at higher ranks if you dont use star…
  • Have you so little common sense to not even understand the concept of a beta test?
  • Some of the rewarded lionheart scrolls have a duration(they disappear if you dont use them in that time) and since you received them at different times their duration is different and wont stack
  • Press Y in-game to join the newbie guild, you can do guild quests there and earn merit to get alchemy proxy
  • make a new one and this time write it in the palm of your hand oh and make sure you never wash it off
  • So what exactly is the problem with having multiple alts farming stuff? Farming is farming does it really matter who does it? Considering im probably going to level to 50 before my main is even going to see any of the alchemy tutorial recipes making them untreadable would prevent me from even buying it from someone else
  • I think its a weekly event where your supposed to protect the waterwheel in sea of oblivion, cant be sure, with my european time zone, im not able to do any of the weekly events :(