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  • Is henry dedication fixed?
  • Fix the trinkets too for non csers Fix the henry dedication too
  • Everyone max pve tenacity :p
  • More 10 hrs for event to end common domino one reply atleast Lol
  • Ok so the toons which havent logged on day 1 and didn't get all three tier rewards at once and only got tier 1 rewards on day 1 , did not get any tier 2 rewards on day 2. But since day 3 started 4pm PST which is 18 or 19 server time saturday, tier 3 rewards actually started working on toons which havent got all 3 tier…
  • Also if anyone got any tier rewards on day 2 let me know o/
  • Ok so toons logged in before 1200 server time(10am PST ,6 hours before day 2 starts) on day 1 of login event got all tier rewards at once. But thanks to that idiot who complained about it and they fixed it so since 1200 server time i.e 10am PST they fixed it and toons logging on since that time for 30mins just get tier 1…
  • Hey domi ty for update . I got a doubt can domi or anyone clarify it? As domi said they fixed and its once per toon so this event is for 3 days right , so toons which dint claim on day 1 at all can use remaining 2 days to stay 30mins and claim rewards? Or they limited the whole event to just one day? Please reply ty ○/
  • Firstly it is a manual cast skill so put it on hotkey and yeah it works for first 20 seconds after you activate it . it is a good skill for additional attack To check if its working or not do this: First just summon ur pet and make it cast brute force III and check ur attack and note it down. Now manually cast rampage III…
  • Lol ty for adding more @shadrim
  • I got a list of buggs , though some are already pointed out before -->dedication from henry -->the Chinese text for desc of quests and skills -->"pem.exe" not working crash(really annoying) -->the tormentor skill -->no idea whatsoever about the guild AH , this isn't a bug but it isn't explained anywhere -->the invasion…
  • null Wow you are so op hope you get an oscar for this