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  • world of warcraft, invictus, aoe, and other games have instant cast skill, yup maybe animation is more short in instant skill, and when have animation, have animation and move, like a heave hit whit u hand weapon + move. and yes PWE dont have hit + mov, and never lisent suggestions ;s, but maybe this time PWE want make a…
  • we need more tank class, and i think this maybe can be. a dwarf mech, use melee skills, taunt, agro bufs, have a bit more hp like stonemen, and the mech give to dwarf a lot of armor. the dwarf mech have the same size like a stonemen, use same mount of normal dwarf just a bit big xD.
  • protector need a bit short coldown of stun skill. range stun have 5min CD, second stun have 2min CD.
  • i make a lot of post about this before, all class need somes instant skills, only basic skill, but no one lisent this, a lot of ppl like this bored and robotic system.
  • someone know in phase 4 if u reach lvl60 character is deleted for Open Beta? we get another wipe??? someone know if in phase4 we dont lose our char???
  • lol, i just say if put some instant lvl80 after the wiper for test all skills and maps, somes quest stances and more. is just for test after the wipe.
  • he just want some skill in mage for invocation/teleport/summon for 1 or more chars. summon skills. u need click to member in party, type in summon skills and 1 more in party need click in ur summon skill for finish the summon.(mage cant teleport alone, need 1 more for this skill work) sorry my engrys. i think this can work…
  • is better auto-dismount. when u atack, when u want eat, if u make some skill or action and need dismount, is better put some autodismount.
  • so, if One tank is enough, why make warriors?? better all make protectors and priest, why make a lot of damages chars, marksman, vampire, vard,mage, assasin....... if whit 1 damage char can make all.... damage chars have choice, why tank and healer dont have???? that just make a bit bored the game.
  • warrior is no a tank, dont have taunt skills, dont have agro bufs, armor and hp is a bit less, for make a nice tank not only need a heavy armor -.-.. i think yes, this game need a second tank pure, some werewolf tank whit, heavy armor and melee skills, agro bufs, taunt skills, like a pure tank and not a hibrid like…
  • agree, if PWE sell some item for can put a dual-talent, if u have some tank or priest pve pure, only change talent tree, and put a pvp gear u can make a best pvp whit u char. this need be implemented, for all can make pvp, and not only the DPS chars (damage per second)
  • yup we have a lot of bug in game ;S if u eat or drink when u r in a mount u only lost the items and dont recover mp or hp. is better is dismount automatly, when eat, cast, atack, or click or do something need u r dismount.
  • lol, bryanfury have a close-mind. noob. dont want move + hit, dont want history chnage, dont want this click to move can be changed. maybe he/she is the fanboy PWE and not me xD....
  • lol, world of warcraft have moving combat, and is the best pvp i think. and wow no is a fail game we need freedom in pvp and pve, i only think protector need some charge like warrior.
  • yup, i agree, i like more only move whith keyboard and no whith mouse.
  • this is a PWI clone, so i think we never get a a better pvp system, all the pwi ppl dont want this pvp system change. if i make some char in this game i think i go to make a range char and no my tank..... my tank is dead cuz this pvp system suck.... this game have a 1 tank less...
  • maybe weapon and armor can be unbalanced a pvp system..... but the charm and cash potion can do more unbalanced i think. in pwi, some ppl whit charm kill to ppl whit more lvl, best gear and refined. i think is better put some cash gear and dont put charm or cash potion.
  • all pvp server have that problem, overpower abuse, in wow we have that too, some ppl just want pk or "pvp" only cuz r hig lvl. ppl lvl60-80 killing lvl30-50 is really sad. FW is a nice game, but the pvp system need some changes, soul orb suck (in my opinion), game need movement+skill, somes instant cast skill. guild…
  • i think this bug can be fixed so easy, type in game C Open Character window B Open Bag Window but if change that like this Ctrl+C Open Character window Crtl+B Open Bag windows when i play pwi, pwe put a system for change the hotkeys and i change a combination for "Ctrl+" for dont get more a lot of windowds when im talking…
    in Typing Comment by fayrk January 2011
  • lol, wtf, why all range ppl r blind....... no i dont put auto-move-system, i move whit ASDW, and i cast my skills whit 1234567890 board, im not a fck noob..... really this system suck this is a PWI and JD clone but just some ppl say what is wrong in this game..... this is really sad. (and i only say in pvp, class and…
  • that can be more fun this game, like world of warcraft (i know im wowfan) but when u kill a enemy faction u feel good, and u make more for help to some ppl of ur faction, in this game u can kill ur ouwn race, this game is all vs all and somestimes only ur guild help u. when u r low and some hig lvl kill u no one help u…
  • 1.- mmm in quest color and book quest i dont have problem. 2.- yes that way is bored, i think is best if we have autolinked only lvl1-lvl30 for know this world, mobs and more, the no linked quest in game somestimes is a bit hard cuz no one know the game or name of npc. 3.- yes, targettin system is to slow, and in pvp is…
  • 80% in the server is range class, and dont want we have a balanced pvp system. this game is a pwi clone and i cant belive no one care this ;s.