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  • ^ This is still crazy. My protecter made it past room 10 of HRD, im assuming this is "Hell Road Lv60" not 100% sure tho, and he cant do trade runs for the guild either. Probably meaning its weekly, so every week you have to do THAT in order to do trade runs? since when does it take needing a good toon to help out the…
  • Eclipse of Eyrda is also still having issues. We've been holding back putting in any coins because, well , no point to unless we can get 5-10k within a few days because it keeps resetting, but regardless, each maint night, the points go from 300-500, to 0. So we are still having the issue as well.
  • I am excited! I always enjoy trying new classes. Ofcourse, I'm also slightly worried about how many things can and most likely will go wrong in the making of this patch, but... either way xD keeping my fingers crossed for the least collateral damage haha
  • > @thundercat91 said: > If u leave Eyrda server pve 80% of ppl will quit this game and most are cs'er and this game will poof away without them!!! (using a new account) - But i dont think so... The pve servers are more populated than the PvP server (Eyrda, specifically), and they CS too you know xD If the games money was…