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  • I can't even log in on Storm, I'm losing an entire day of daily's XP/SP/Check in... Good thing I didn't pop that flare card from that one code durring Kirin event [Edit] Storm is back on
  • Storm is currently down :'( I want my daily's
  • If Arc is compromised and Arc is the weakness, logic says you block Arc until the problem is solved and have people use Steam or bring back Core for the time being until Arc is fixed. If you step on a nail, you quit using that foot until the nail is removed, you don't exclusively use that foot until the nail is removed.
  • that's what I thought too, that's why I left a little heads up for people so they don't go and spend real leaf on it then have it bind and lose 80L+
  • I have rewards on everyone in my main account except for my inheritor, they got nothing. I didn't check my shops or perfumes because IDC, but I just thought that was weird. I also couldn't check my backup/recording profile over on Lionfart because I discovered it's gone, both of my lionfarts have blown away in the winds…
  • that's not bad, it's only about 500 less than the US lol (Baseball is soooo boring, it's no wonder they sell beer, you have to be drunk to watch it)
  • Fake news, Storm is the most populated server, very bigly and there's no storm but failing Lionfart has 2, Russia isn't even EU but they won 2 also this is fake news (I'm joking don't take me serious... check it out I'm not even editing this to back pedal... Congrats to all the winners seriously)
  • Do you think that bat going though his hand hurt, and that's why he's kneeling there holding it with his other hand staring off as if to say "don't just stand there, I'm out of pots get a Healer!"?
  • would rather have a BNGO since I wont be BO in order to GO
  • Congrats to everyone not on storm where it mattered if you logged, sorry storm guess it sucks to suck... Oh wait, I'M ON STORM!! WTF MAN?! lol /jokes
  • The old days were great, and sure I vote for that but here's the thing, we don't need a reboot or a new "world" game for this to happen. We just need one thing, one small thing to turn back the clock and that is for corporate to care about this version of the game again and not just CN. Back when this game was released and…
  • hey thanks, code was great, or at least I assume it was it didn't work for me because there was a cap on redemptions...
  • sounds great... but I can't post on facebook, so Good luck to all and may the second best meme win! (I'm obviously the best meme maker, that's why facebook fears me. Mwahahaha!)
  • I'll take wings that I wont possibly win because I love wings. But like I said I have no chance of it mattering if I log one or all of my toons and if I did win I'm betting they are bound and would be on a wrong toon. Not the best event in the world but at least their doing something.
  • Doing that burnt me out back then. I had to do 2x normal quests plus dailies, PLUS envelopes, PLUS construction because I was in both Damned and Forsaken on Storm. I survived the lvl60 cap just to quit shortly after the 80cap because I just couldn't keep up with that kind of demand. Looking back I should have stuck around…
  • good luck everyone, I'm not allowed to comment or react on facebook so I can only hope that here and/or twitter count.
  • @deathwolfdragof8 Lots of 404 I originally had a massive post of memories good, bad and otherwise but as I began to edit down the rambling bits, the sad bits about people we've lost either by death or by quitting and also the rise and falls of some of the best guilds on Storm. Also the bits where I was wishing I had an…
  • If you don't hear about it here it doesn't count for here, we have different markets between them which is also why we get different Arc codes (even though they work anywhere, we just don't see them officially)
  • Do I think this sounds weak compared to other years? I guess it comes up short compared to others. I mean if it were jumping from one ledge to another it would whack it's head on the ledge before grabbing and struggling to pull itself up but it's not the worst yet. I mean, perspective here is many thought the daily login…
  • dom is "dead" (fired)
  • I want that pet, but I'd settle for just the opportunity to compete to get that pet, unfortunately I don't have leaves to CS I have SL but that's pointless...
  • me too, it's been about a year or 2 since the last one and as a non-CSer that barely gets by on AH sales those were realistically the only way for me to buy expensive stuff like FA4's, Star FA's & Mast/resist scrolls and do a little catching up. ESPECIALLY now that there are 3 of me, the struggle was real with only 2.
  • hey guuuuuuuuuuyyyyys... look at the words directly between the winks :#
  • most of Henry's stuff is easy to find, I get the Auto Path links are broke but it's far from game breaking because the stuff is easy to find and you can still AP to them in other ways
  • code on Facebook good until the May 15. P9mpKVez its 10 Sweet Dreamland and 1 Bloodstone2
  • That's not so bad, I lost a Shatter4. What happened was I had 15 shatter 3 and 3 FA3, went to Jane for multi combine and she ate one of my combines... I only get LVL 3 shards from Flare cards so you can imagine how long it takes to get 5 shatters counting reforges... #JustShootMe
  • If that's the thing I totally missed it, which wouldn't be the hardest thing to do.
  • Say it ain't so, not PWE! lol Jokes aside, this is just another thing that adds to my theory that this update was rushed out with maybe 3-6mo's work instead or constantly worked on over the 1yr+ that the code existed for in the china version. Which in turn feeds the community theory that either china is using us for the…
  • I'm really not hurting on SG and SL is the same struggle as always but not bad enough to NOT get fash and mount before working on refines and runes.
  • Just looks like another Elf archer class just like all the rest in every mmo ever with the added bonus of total fan service since archers have been literally requested since closed beta. Totally worth the year or two it'll take to get to us, especially since they wont start on a localized version until 6 months out from…