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  • On Storm Fashion has been broken for me 3 days now (IDT it's just me but IDK), I can't see certain pieces on anyone which stinks because I finally got a Look finished on my my Tormentor I was going to use for this but now she has no tops
  • I'm also getting a pop up on the launcher that says "Sync Failed continue doing this may cause data error"
  • Is the log in event still bugged? I'm noticing not all my toons are getting logs but I log them all
  • did the code ever happen? I don't remember a code
  • That's why they got rid of him. Anyway I logged all 4 of my toons yesterday and did my normal 4x daily run it took about 4 hours to get it all done, there is zero chance any single toon wasn't logged the 30 mins req, only 1 toon got day 1 stuff. If I'm thankful about anything it's that the one toon was the SD poor one...
  • "Please upload the pictures directly when commenting on Facebook" that's going to be a bit of an issue, I haven't been able to comment on the facebook page for years so I'm out... Wonder how many others also can't comment making stuff like this not Breathtaking.
  • Pretty funny how I got you to spend so much time on a way too pompous post trying to show me how much smarter "superior" you are to me just by wasting 2 minutes (if that) to type 3 sentences :D. I never said things being bound because people complain was the ONLY thing killing the game but they certainly are helping, you…
  • please shut up (that sounds way harsher than I mean it too...), stop complaining about every unbound thing all it does is make everyhting get bound and make it even harder for us to make gold which leads to more people leaving. Yes, I'm saying unbound complainers are murdering this game.
  • 75 WG + 3 SG it adds up fast, it's a huge coin suck it might be comparable to the CS ones if you're in the 100-110 range and WG is super easy to get 500 daily just by blindly clicking away 1 story time quest and sell your HR roses for SG but for someone that isn't end game it wont be so easy, for them the CS ones are…
  • Thanks found it, it's that book I never had a reason to talk to before. (it's 888 Luck and lvl70+)
  • This makes me SOO glad to not be on Illyfue, I've been grinding away 5+ years just for the 200fc to get 1 ring, I'm so glad to not be some place where I "need" gold gear just to exist. I do hope Sandgrit>FC trade is back at the npc, and stars were put back in CS for both leafs.
  • oh goodie it's not just me... oh no I'm going to lose a flare gem roll if it doesn't come back today edit: back up
  • couple days, they just put the news post up
  • I just ask in WC if any codes are out
  • it is, code 1 owdtebaf good stuff bunch of lvl3 shards, a rune, MP/HP hearts and some sea rations, everyhting but rations are bound. Oh a flare card, almost forgot that
  • I still use them to feed to the wings, if you don't know you can click your wing icon in the C menu and it brings you to a thing that eats gems it's suuuper P2W but the free gems help make it less so
  • the arc quests are gone "temporarily" (forever) so I doubt they left that in, they've be removing free player stuff more and more so just look at the points as a momentum of better times
  • Merging Storm with LionFart would kill off toons for a bunch of us that have a full roster and toons on both servers unless they also did something that I've been asking for, for years and open up that un-used right side of character select to 8 more toons.
  • This is the only game I've ever seen where people complain when things are good, it used to be easier and better leveling until people started complaining about it then they nerfed exp on everything even pets, now you want them do to id AGAIN in under 4 months, stop it's already hard enough for a lot of people. Not their…
  • we're about 2-2.5 years behind CN, we wont see this for a long time so don't hold your breath
  • wow, I really never could have even fathomed a time when I'd think the day would ever come when I would think that unbound cheese bread was a good thing but here we are.
  • it said Aprox 2 weeks, so around the 28 I think. Even though that makes no sense, I mean if they already know what prize is in each option have have already spent the time coding them to make life easier for everyone, and since straw poll gives you the percents so you have zero math to do it should be a couple days. My…
  • now that we all have a limited edition Anni fashion in our gardrobe watch there be some kind of bug and they have to remove it (JKFRJK! lol it would be funny tho in the most annoying frustrating tilting way)
  • this, all of this. This is really what's important right here, we need fresh gold to circulate around
  • Making bag/bank extentions soul leaf for a bit it the coolest thing FW has done for us in a long, LONG TIME. Thanks FW!
  • so this is fun, for some reason even though I was logged in all day it had me as offline and wouldn't change sooo I just did the most logical thing that I should have done to begin with I closed it out all the way and logged back in... I have become shame lol
  • FW-"We understand this limits access to storage space and there will be compensation available in-game via the Bank Staff in Nightfall Citadel. The NPC will grant players Soul Leaves equivalent to the Bank Extensions they have spent towards their Stash. In addition to this, further compensation will also be provided." me-…
  • I still didn't see the news, if this were anyone else I'd say I hope they don't mess this up but ya know... PWE, it'll probably be glitched or they'll make it like the old Core quests like "sign up for a credit card" or "take these surveys", Quests were fine the way they were I hope they don't "improve" them toooo much…
  • I can't even log in on Storm, I'm losing an entire day of daily's XP/SP/Check in... Good thing I didn't pop that flare card from that one code durring Kirin event [Edit] Storm is back on