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  • I think that most players that are upset about the ban are on the basis of two things: 1. It was widely understood that glitches in the past were banworthy...and , in fact, Croxe did threaten and even ATTEMPT to ban players for cheating who abused the XS glitch when 90 patch was released. This current situation has…
  • I'll make two comments: I have OP toons of almost every class in game. I build them all well enough and play them properly so that it no longer feels like I'm being beaten by any one class. -Warrior (by far highest damage toon I have): Have enough damage to kill tanky types, and enough rune energy to avoid being kited by…
  • I find it decidedly inconvenient (for me, altho it was opportunistically advantageous for PWE) that I received a ban on my account 1 day after I charged over $200. I can't even log in the account to submit a ticket, so how do I go about getting my money back? I'm ready to withrdaw my support from this game entirely even…
  • Will people stop hijacking my thread and calling me a ban QQer. I want a refund, plain and simple.
  • I've personally spoken with Domino about a player who is stealing the 95 demon crystal using a scrub sin alt while stealthing in base.....and I've even sent screenshots of this player + his admission of kill stealing in World Chat. This player is not banned after having stolen 3x Demon crystals on Storm Server. Why can't…
  • Actually, i think you missed the point of my post (since I clearly stated my guilt in exploiting, I thought it was obvious I'm not protesting the ban). I am, however, protesting a company that would allow me to charge RL $$ and then ban me AFTERWARDS. That's just bad business. Block ability to spend (I know this might have…
  • Ban discussion is not allowed? Either way, I'm not trying to argue my way out of it....the primary concern of my post pertains to refunding what was charged (the ban only complicates how I can communicate with the company).
  • How long until players with multiple accounts are banned? If you want to start enforcing rules all of a sudden, prepare to lose the already small player base.
  • In CN, I believe VNM sins are one of the top pvp class.
  • arena scores have NOT been reset.
  • Known issue. Stupid filter prevent people from saying "Welcome, come help us, community, etc" appears as Wel***e. Why filter out com? Ya'll ***pletely messed up again.
  • Phoenix -Beautiful -Powerful -Intelligent -Companion for life (immortal)
  • Chupacabra, here to suck the life out of PWE.