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  • they are cross server but EU and NA don't share the same database
  • single target yeah but aoe is alot weaker
  • lmao, I like you. You need to post more :p
  • Only nerf coming is for AOE's with red hand so it'll hit mage's and mm's hardest
  • LOL. You do know that's actually true right? we wanted only a couple of realms so we can PVP but got given 10 so PVEers won't have to fight over spawns This is a PVP game designed for PVEers
  • I know that but he seem's to think you train them by fighting
    in general help Comment by devonty May 2011
  • I don't think it's that but players on PVE server's think they are good for beating people without refines and gems and then boast about it. So guild wars dueling whatever means nothing on PVE server's.
  • Yes highest hitting class in the game is pretty low base damage. cool story bro. Yes it is dph but if they hit over twice as hard then the 2 second cast time is irrevelant, besides that rebel priest's are 1 second casts and they out dps water bards. LMAO at mages doing less dps than bard's. You've never played a mage…
  • Sure so in that case everyone would of only got 3-3 at the best nice excuse. TBH I didn't even read your previous post if there was any but you are an ******* so I just assume your raging or just being rude.
  • Like Avion that's why he's always raging :p I like how you are proud of getting 3-3 in a war as a warrior bro
  • LOL you have never played on a PVP server. Not putting people on PVE server's down but people in PVP servers tend to be much better at PVE mostly because they invest more in to the game. Every instance and WB was cleared on Eyrda first. Hell there's posts on the forums of how to kill easy world bosses with 4 parties from…
  • You seem to have the wrong idea. They only go up when you pay the gold for them after level 40 You have to buy stats in this game
    in general help Comment by devonty May 2011
  • Yes I'm the troll when you are telling people the lowest damage class is the highest. You said they hit "retardingly" (which is not even a real word) hard trying to suggest the do alot of damage. Not even including dps just dph they do less than priest's, prot's, marksmen, warriors yes because a 1 second cast skill that…
  • LMAO. So your whole point is if they had skills that give the same attack increase as other classes they would be OP so that's why they don't. Which means they are not OP like you are blatently trying to say they are. You do know most classes get crit rate increases to right not just bard? Yes some of their attacks do…
  • Those are small damage bonuses lol. Besides that bard attacks are like 100% damage they don't have 150%-200% skill. Bard's are not dps water or not. They don't even out dps glacial or rebel priest's nvm dps classes
  • No you are getting confused. Yes they can get their attack high but since their skills do not get as big damage bonuses as other classes and their fast attacks are pretty much base damage their damage is still not high
  • I'm not angry at all. It amuses me how stupid you are and your pathetic excuses make me laugh. How are pots going to save you from a 8k AOE. Did you finish school? There is clearly a huge difference between 8k damage and a pot. You also do know that most bosses AOE's are not directional right? Meaning that you can not get…
  • OK now I know you are completely idiotic. You do know bosses can AOE crit and put everyone on low hp which is the situation the OP is talking about. Yes a level 50 boss that AOE crit's for 8k and leaves everyone with low hp is the priest's fault for "lazy healing". Good job again ****
  • You can not dodge attacks from bosses so evasion is pretty worthless PVE
  • I do agree that priest's should attack when they can but with this game with the target switching lag and if they have high ping it is probably more trouble than it's worth. I can manage it just fine but I know people that have problems with it not because they are bad priest's but because of the reasons I stated above :/
  • yeah you can put points into it at 35 well for human at least. 20-24=blessed recovery 25-27=wheel of luck 28=blooming life 29=brilliance 30-33=natural healing 34=god's bestowel 35-39=vigerous blessing but with the cap at 60 you need to go pure divine 55+ :/
  • I like how you keep trying to tell me I don't play just because I don't have an avatar up. Also no it's what he said that prove's he knows nothing about PVP But you was a non factor in CB and probably never did guild wars so that proves nothing. Also it's not your spelling it's your grammer that is awful. You come across…
  • Ok yes that was trolling so by the fact you are saying it wasn't means either that you still are trolling or that you are ****...I'll let you pick which one. You know on the PVP server there are more than just duel's you know hey even on the PVE servers they have guild wars he could of been talking about that. LOL at…
  • Everything you said is wrong :/ Divine has one extra healing skill but it's useless so nobody uses it anyway. If you do the right talents you don't need to wait for cooldowns and they heal much more it's not even close to the same amount. Glacial priests only get one extra attack skill at 55 Also you have 2 attack's? what…
  • yes it does take awhile but better than tryna split the loot between 4 parties
  • err no offence but there's no point writing a guide for it when people normally do it with one party not 4
  • Look at your first post you are the one who's trolling that is not just stating an opinion. Also you clearly know nothing about the game mechanics if you do not realise that wrath gives alot more benfits to certain classes. Wrath is very badly implemented and it does ruin PVP that OP is right although yes it won't get…
  • nothing else you say about PVP matters