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  • Submit a ticket with a screenshot. Just because they are mules, doesn't mean staff cannot track their mains. They have equally sneaky ways. ;)
  • A response ticket generally takes 3 to 5 business days. Wait for a response. Sending multiple tickets will put you at the back once again.
  • Ban discussions are generally not for forums. Keep an eye on the thread that was made by crabclaw.
  • Anything to do with your account should be handled by customer service not the forums.
  • Generally ban discussions aren't to be on forums. So if you need keep it at this thread:
  • Discussion about console games is fine but others... no.
  • Agreed. x)
  • Guides will be placed in a single thread instead of sticking each and every single one. If you want a "sticky" just PM me or reply here to have your guide added to the first post. Also note, please do not "bump" your guides unless you have updated it, thanks.
  • You will be under a constallation (ie. Aquarius, Gemini, etc) and during prayer if you pray under your sign or lucky sign you will gain better buffs and/or items. There isn't a "good" birthday as the signs change every hour so just pick your own. Unless something changed in the time I haven't played.
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  • I thought that was the way to go as well but I couldn't stand suffering in damage so I just went back and leveled all of the skills. Yes, it consumes a lot of MP but it's worth it. Just spend an extra hour collecting potions mats and you're pretty much good to go for a couple of days depending on what you do... Like…
  • Submit a ticket to support regarding the issue.
  • Try again without the whole nasty attitude bit. And there'a Suggestion Box for this.
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  • So it wasn't just me... I thought it was weird...
  • The game has officially launched. Has been for awhile.
  • What Tuneless Sound does is it has random element (can be water, wind or light)... not chord.
  • I saw the Guut King in town the other day... I've no idea if it spawned near where you do the coin quest since it was going after someone but it was heading back that way when it lost aggro.
  • Yeah. I'm 3x and I still have 1x gear... orz You kind of have to pot now... not just to take the load off of a Priest. It was easier playing in CB when I was still roughly in the same level range as the top players and they knew what they were doing. Now I'm staring at my party's HP thinking "why isn't the Priest healing,…
  • Just some info of what it can do. I was dueling in CB with some random players and it helps to be able to get your buffs up fast. In a GvG, yeah I'd be running the other way too, lol. But I'm on Lionheart... I play casually when I get the chance and I like being able to kill fast without getting hit. It takes til near 40…
  • Closing this now.
  • He wouldn't have the "Wrath" skill if he was under 30.
  • When Ice Wind is maxed it is more like an immobilizing skill... mob barely moves. (Defeats the purpose of a tank pet though... :p) Best thing against a Protector too if you can cast it before they get that guardian thingy up.
  • Some green quests give you equipment or shards so those may be good to do. And they do give you soul coins too but if you've out leveled most of your quests it's not a necessity. I don't know if they go away after you're way above the level though... around 35+ you can start catching up on them as leveling slows down…
  • Old weapons and equipment can either be sold to NPC or just destroyed. If you embedded gems it would be a good idea to remove them first though. After level 30 you can scavenge it if you get that job. You do get free bag extensions as you level from the newbie box but it's limited so that you'll buy the extensions from the…
  • It's for the ice skill. It needs to refresh to be able to freeze again but again it's totally my own play style. I like to be able to cast spells faster.
  • That does seem like a unique problem. And doesn't really help if you can only attack after someone has started hitting you... So you have protections off for both white and red name players? Make sure that whatever your preset is for PK is actually active as well. Let's see... if everything else is okay then I guess what's…
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  • You know all Bards get the heal skill... so you don't necessarily need go Light tree to stay alive. For starters if you are running at mobs without a second thought you shouldn't be playing the game. That's like running straight at a wall and expecting to go through it. You should always send your pet in first then you…