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  • Happened the same to me, just auto-completed at reset... what about the part where u need Dusk Town's Blue Mantra? How did you complete it? :)
  • "Ghostfang Castle Baron Kidd (0/1)" It only says that. That's why i don't know what to do x) usually mutiple like (0/20) is HR... this, i have no idea.
  • Hello, One step of the lvl50 Soulgate requires me to enter GFC and slay Baron Kidd, well, i did, multiple times, as leader, as not leader, etc. So clearly it is bugged so i would like to ask what really is necessary to do in order to complete it! :) thanks!
  • Hello community, So i was wondering if anyone knew why can't I complete the GT Guide Quest... e accept it, i go to San Juan, e complete GT, i deliver it at henry but it stays in my Quest Log and i do not receive the rewards, can't advance to next Guides which means i cannot reach GFC Guide Quest which is a requirement for…
  • I do always speak the truth, for i am Balanced!, the wise!
  • OKAY I CONFESS STAHP THE PRESSURE! I finish ToK fast cause my speed buff lasts 18 seconds :333
  • Rebarg....THE JOKE'S ON YOU! Who told you to choose powa over family and leave, huh :D? ~Balanced.
  • OMG OMG these VelvetStrike and EvilSheep persons are mad :O Don't mind anything they say, they're just jelly they couldn't kill me in PvP without spamming acc buffs/Vicious Intentions, so they overcompensate their e-peenor on these ToK RUNS! :O *trollface* So yeah peeps, well, this is all fun and **** but u don't need to…
  • You'll be apart from your party members upon rare occasion, so i find the increase on movements range rather disposable. Reduce CD on wind skills might help you in ur buff rotation. Defense is broken in game, so i wouldn't count much on those Majesty increase points u spent. Melody of Healing is a must have talent if you…
  • Okay :D for starters first issue, you shouldn't have in account the skill animation since due to game mechanics many animations are kinda broken. Just follow the cast bar progress, that's the only thing related to skill trigger, as easy as: Cast bar reached the end, skill triggers^^ Second issue, sorry to say, but i never…
  • ToK set is good for starters :) after tha i'll recommend a mighty/deadly stout individual pieces set, that crit chance for wind bards is epic ;). As for gems, agree with everyone till now, for PvE go withou a doubt for bloods/rages/GS/shatters... rest depends on ur build i guess... If you intend on doing PvP, including 3v3…