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  • We need new orbs with better drop rate and reasonable price...12 leaves for 2 tof (12g bet and 1g return) >.< BTW leaves price down (50-60s) is a good sign for the market ;)
  • Alternative you can buy smelter crystals and exchange FA from npc. People who has plenty soul leaves can make some gold out of it.
  • I trashed, yes it can be removed.
  • Sigh~ Black Market is the cheapest...why they are two type horseshoes? HE and ATK type? Also, anyone got the gold horseshoe picture? Wish FW can let ppl have rare goodies with minimum "spending" (increase to 1% or so), unless like some some games when you get ultra rare drop, you can sell on ebay to be real life richie LoL.
  • Thank you for the info. Where do we get the SSE?
  • Will Holy Stone Shards in orbs soon this coming new expansion or drop from new bosses? 10D each from BM and collecting 100 of them not including new 110 upgrade (maybe 40-50 shards more???) is nearly impossible. Judging by the wealth list, not many has much gold ingame anymore ;(
  • But but ~no one has gold ingame lately, leaves don't sell, and ppl don't have money to buy leaves either...
  • New professional "dragon warrior" is coming xD (lancer) I guess... https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-CN&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fshenmo.wanmei.com%2Fnews%2Fgamenews%2F20180921%2F214396.shtml…
  • Ingame Boutique is only for 2 days NOT 4 days ;( Polystone Orb Sale Start Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Polystone Orb Sale End Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018
  • Hope we get much better orbs to catch up next patch~~~
  • OOG, out of gold...Black Market and Dar Giugo have been eating gold/mats, no much economy is flowing from players to players, the market has been changed from players <-> FW (back and forth), wish we could farm what Black Market has, so that ppl could give hundreds of gold to real players rather back to FW, or Black Market…
  • Super nice timing if you do it today with 2 promos (one end today) and nearly 3 leaves per orb price!!! Good luck!!! 28leavesx140orbs from Boutique=3920 total leaves spend/1285 total# orbs=3 leaves/orb Green Ice Magic Box x30x6=180 Starwing Forest Magic Box x65x2=130 Fortune Magic Box x42x5=210 Rainbow Dream Orb x47x3=141…
  • Thank you @anole300. Please consider new orb like this: Orb of Mega (aka OMG orbs ;p) in boutique. Pet' Miracle (Content Rashie, Rana, Rafael, Raggar) Mega' Miracle (Content EB105, Order Energy Miraclex3 or Holy Shardx5) Paleblue Crystal x20 Source Essence Shard x40 Source Essence Fragment x5 Gold Coins Soul Coins Soul…
  • With "Bulk Hybrid Spend Promo" today, really hoping they can adjust the drop rate, until then...continue hold my leaves >.<
  • Leave price down to 50s, we are happy now ;p
  • IF... 4000 Leaves:(Reggae Hip-Hop Magic Box x166) Baseball Clan Magic Box x13x4=52 Mystic Lv4 Rune Pack x2 Wilderness Magic Box x21x6=126 Lv2 General Rune Random Box x3 Wilderness Magic Box x38x2=76 Leaves Mystic Lv3 Rune Pack x3 Reggae Hip-Hop Magic Box x10x5=50 Paleblue Crystal x2 Total Magic Box: 304+166=470 Per unit…
  • Gogo Spend promo x3 this week now!!! Spend Promo#3 Start Date: September 14, 2018 @ 10:00 AM PDT End Date: September 16, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PDT 780 Leaves Reggae Hip-Hop Magic Box x10 Unlimited 4000 Leaves Paleblue Crystal x2 2 Times
  • I think merge doesn't solve the root cause or improve anything, 1% super OP (heavy cser and farmer) are doing fine and can beat any raids, bosses etc., 99% are poor gears status those are struggle even can't beat RCIE or old content raids. Even merge, super OP still cannot carry poor gears ppl since they need to invest…
  • I wanna transfer my armies to Nyos instead, so can farm and solo my own, no competition/hassle LoL (jk)
  • It's outdated orb, I prefer Orb of Legend 2.0 with all the newest upgrade mats.
  • And pretty cheap in AH when ppl opened those from orbs.
  • AW~~~Roughly 5d value out of Green Ice Magic Box and Sylvan orbs (2.8k leaves -> 28d gold), you could have around 2.8k tokens instead of 446 tokens, I feel sorry for you but that's how FW orbs are lately sadly ;(
  • Thank you for the new Orbs (Green Ice and Small Panda Magic Box) in Boutique. Does anyone has the drop rate and amount for those two orbs info?
  • When can we see Orb of Mega (aka OMG orbs ;p) in boutique??? We need an update for the Orb of Legend to reflect this content end game needs!!! Mega’ Miracle (Content EB105, Order Energy Miraclex3 or Holy Shardx5) Paleblue Crystal x20 Source Essence Shard x40 Source Essence Fragment x5 Gold Coins Soul Coins Soul Leaves…
  • No Orb of Wonders as well...
  • LoL I thought about WoW too, however, if that really happens, I'm not going back even it was fun. I just want to continue upgrade the gold weapon, accessories, astro plane to finish up this content before next expansion coming >.>
  • ;( Thank you for the info.
  • Have anyone seen Order Energy Miracle (EB105 upgrade mats) in Black Market and how much?
  • > @longschwanzerl said: > or just farm it through council reputation top 3 boxes without paying a dime. I haven’t explored a lot lately, how to farm council rep and what does it give you?
  • Not really can block since it timeout every 3 days, also we only can bid around 197d (10k+5k+1k leaves max), so everyone still has a change to win even someone alt armies in, just become a bit low chance, besides max fees 3-4d per (if you bid 16k leaves), I doubt ppl spam bid and get timeout, they would run out of gold…