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  • I have been gone 3 yrs, however I did log on occasionally so all main account were there. Other account on different server I never logged into. Two of four characters were still there and others gone so something random i guess. One is stuck in Vengence Freedom Harbor at level 22 and can't get out, no i won't delete him…
  • okay got it thanks, little confusing when the armorer asked for something different.
  • Okay answers that one. What is the Freedom Blade for then? Says it is to upgrade but see no way of using it. Purchased from the Vengence promoter.
  • Being told to watch the forums is pretty much a brush off. That is the response i get for glitched characters since coming back to the game two months ago, quests for Lunagrant Woodlands that you can't go to that map, or drop the quest. Some still stuck in Vengence Freedom Harbor.
  • It will cost them some money in the long run. I for one will not buy any orbs, can't trust what the content is and their lack of response is very unprofessional.
  • Not sure if this was mentioned, not going to read all that lol. I just started the Mentor/Apprentice quests and there is one, the Knowledge quest. It asks several questions and you choose answer from list. It is all in Chinese so guess I don't have the knowledge to understand it. Tried guessing the answers and failed most.…
  • The Federal Trades Commission also handles such things, for interstate or internet issues. Although I think they will be doing something about it. They just have to get word from the big dogs, who seem to be a little slow.
  • A few years ago on Aion there was a player started ranting on world chat about molesting children, and was whispering some players about it with threats. Chat lit up like crazy, I can imagine a lot support tickets being sent because one was from me. Within minutes a GM got on and deleted that account. They posted on forums…
  • I was watching a chest that had about 4 minutes left on it. Was my first attempt at one. With 20 seconds left another player appeared from different realm, I was clicking on chest and got it. He called me a BeeEyeT-C-H and changed realms. So I checked back next day and was same characters only this time brought guild mates…
  • Since the patch the entire upper area of Nightfall, Aepelio Palace,Eternity Square and Twilight Hall is severe lag. Magic Airship too. When i enter these upper area's my ping spikes by at least 300ms+ and hard to move. It was not like that for me before the update. As soon as I drop down from the upper area it clears.…
  • All good questions was wondering myself how that works. Spent 600 leaves and still shows zero at the top. Either it is not working or it takes thousands of leaves just to move 1%. Maybe it will be in the PATCH NOTES......
  • Bought 5 legend orbs, opened first and got Thunder Dragon so no complaints there. Won't push my luck though with them.
  • I agree with others, without some patch notes harder to comment on what is right or wrong. Like saying something about my Tormentor single target skills suddenly being AOE...before I pulled a small army of mobs on top of me. What others said is correct. Going into new map first time I got wrecked by mobs. As a returning…
  • It's not just around Henry they seem to be everywhere lol. I have the Runewolf mount and he howls about every 3 seconds, can be annoying, but not as bad as the sheep. Didn't know about the sfx so thanks for that, just turn it on for certain quests. I live in rancher area, have 100 or so head cattle around me and can tell…
  • They are being camped, all have the same amount time left within 2 minutes on the ones I checked. Not worth it to me, this does need to be changed somehow. Threw away all my keys not going to waste my time with this.
  • FW at work on the maint.
  • Got it on my Priest, then was playing Tormentor for 2 hours and nothing. I logged off for awhile, came back on and Tormentor had it. Try shutting down game and restarting worked for me.
  • Already did support tickets, they turned it over to QA and said to wait until next patch. Which is tomorrow. Thanks
  • Updating this: Just Leveled my Tormentor from 91-92. No Shylia's Favor gained. I think possibly this started when my Priest got level 100. If the game is set up that way it is a very poor decision. Screenshots at level 91 and 92 showing the Favor.
  • The Tormentor is on the Rank 9 reward quest now and just got the titles,just to have them. I don't remember if 100 Priest did that or not but first I knew about the quest. Vampire has not been to SoO and has reward quests as mentioned. Think this is what you wanted to see.
  • Yes that was it, got the Vengence for the Bard, but why did I not have to do it for Vamp or Tormentor? The Vamp has not even been to SoO yet and does not have the title that you get for that quest, yet it has the Brilliant achievement for it and Tormentor is rank 9 in SoO and never got or bought that title. Thanks for the…
  • Thanks eberaria1, Okay here goes First one is Bard at lvl 86 showing total Shylia's favor Next is Bard at 87, total Shylia's favor also stats obtained and shows no favor gained Next is Bards available quests standing at the Vengance Promoter,who has nothing more for me at…
  • That is a possibility, I was healing. Will try the instance again, really don't like that one lol.
  • Forgot to mention, one of my characters was given a quest called "Prepared for the Worst" and I have to go into Lunagrant Wilderness and speak with Alen. Obviously when I click the link it says "unable to find Route to Destination." Won't let me delete the quest either.
  • Another bug I have encountered is no mobs appear. Has happened twice to me and I waited 5 minutes or more so had to relog character and lost the run.
  • Updating this, forgot to mention that when my Bard completed the Ghostfang Castle quest, the Bard did not get credit for it on the Odyssey Training camp for the Apellian boxes. The credit went to my 100 priest, when I switched back from Bard to Priest and checking that is when i noticed it. Another thing is Bard just…
  • Noticed this is level based, at lvl 78 I was getting Chromatic badges also. When i hit 79 the badges stopped dropping. Didn't need any just thought it was interesting:)