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  • Ty - it works. I made the post cause what I tried is to relog my chars, which didn't work. So thanks again.
  • Believe me I have done over 1000+ midas so far... it's not about the timing it has bugged, like i give my frist think to the pot and 2sec after it says i fail.. .this is while I pick the 2nd ingredient... I've done a lot mate and that is not normal.
  • Well I have not reached lv60 yet, but from the other servers they said that they could not find a way to it , no matter that the npc says so... atm we are left with no way to even try the other God Tree.
  • Actually no I'm complaining because I wanted to experiment with normal 75+ reforgeable gear (NORMAL so called), but oh w8 it's quite impossible cause that gear almost doesn't exist because 80% of drops are set... where the fk are normal gear drops etc?
  • First to ROFL at the guy with the bank robbery, cause that is impossible except if you are not willing to spend your next 20000000000 waiting for the cracking algorithm to finish. As on the topic data modding as far as I know is forbiden, not impossible though. To clearify for some people that does not mean "hacking" to…
  • WAW I just found you can find more drama on this forum then ever xD At least some good reading on what people like to say... Cause from what I've learned so far every person on this server never keeps a ward... almost any* So please before writing/saying anything please I beg you learn what it means to stay behind those…
  • U just received a mail to my email registered for my FW account about the Nightfall patch... makes me thing it is gona be tonight:confused:
  • I just wander when all the world just don't have luck why is the QQ. Just skip one world luck quest lol
  • Thnaks for the info gona test it tonight if it works :)
  • Am can you tell me how did you get the Cosmpolitan stuff? I mean the one you get 180 Price from scroll or chourses in each of the 3 camp within a day? I'm still stuck at that.
  • I just wana make clear I'm not accusing anyone for hacking LOL Glad and that you didn't read the post well too. Thrid as to why I don't stand behind my words? Oh and yeah I see you like me so much from that post xD Forth naming is not allowed in the forum from what I know, And thanks Roam for telling me the answer to my…
  • Ty very much for the clarification... I was off for a week or two and since never saw the seal broken didn't had a clue. Now we just need good ptarties so we don't get PK ;)
  • Oh thanks. And do you know then for the wednseday bosses, from what I know there is one lv60 and one lv70, but no idea where they spawn... And it seems now they spawn without braking even the seal, only trough the 4 bosses is that true?
  • Well I'm quite surprised by @Nyos response since he was the one saying me "Oh I wana go eva" on the instance set... but here is my opinion: 1st. The CLASS + TREE - that is the most important if you are ever even considering going evasion. If you want to actually benefit your class and tree should fit evasion build.…
  • My bad didn't read that over the whole excitment xD But the Osloh village are missing ... and no winter spirit there either :( Hope to see it soon ;)
  • You don't need to hand it personally to everyone - if every participant provides server and char's name he can mail the money.
  • Well I don't think it will be as some ppl say to refine a lv40 gear and hop use it for lv70, or that will cost like 2k leafs+. I suppose it will be for like 65 to transfer to 70, etc in 5lv difference, or otherwise the gaps will require immense CS.
  • Nope you are wrong here. Tested: 1000/1000 hits do not crit when you use abilities without bonus Crit chance and Crit Chance = Enemy's Crit Dodge, so in that case enemy is actually uncritable. Or if the chance is below 0.1% well from statistical point of view its ~0 which is the same. Well for this example if the Enemy has…
  • In terms of balance then let's make it this way: It is supposed to have a bit more crit change then crit dodge as you are supposed to crit some times, other wise there wont be any point of it at all. An awesome and very easy way to get Crit Dodge: Arena Blue set - 4 parts 1.9k score which so easier to make than farming an…
  • o.O it matters what you take from NPC to what points you get from the mobs? or the number of mobs? Btw you take that after which wave?
  • Well my main point is from gear max crit dmg you can get = 10%(2xGS4), max crit dodge = 14\%(2xT4+2ET2). The game mechanics are maid so everything is equally scaled, like you have 4 slots for Mists and 4 for EagleEyes, 2 slots for GS and 2 Twilight, ragefires,solars,azurecloud,bloodstones on each piece, 4 slots for…
  • Ok sry for the naming, just when I was writing the post I remembered I should have make a screenshot which I didn't have, but I'm not even blaming the guy if it is normal ofc it's fine to use it, but since you cant put exotic GSs that's more like a bug to me then a lack of knowledge.
  • How much Purple Stones u get for completing it?
  • Lol now calling me a noob, like I don't have 2350 score... And yeah if you need arena gear just be water bard... must be hard, oh w8 water bards need eva not arena :eek: And who cares you have to earn it.. just make it sensable to have a point of doing smth else except arena... Oh and let me refraize 2.7k score =…
  • Freezing is a type of lag - u get the info from the server with delay.. just longer -.-
  • Oh, I see they made it Conrolling Efect -.- hmm smart guys
  • Can someone explain what exactly they did casue I still don't get it ?
  • Yep something like that... and some people are saying that they would like a "race cahnging" scroll... or smth like that, but if u change your race I guess you have to reset talents so it will be more leaves then the compass.
  • Can I ask where do you get the lv75 scrolls? Is it some kind of boss or reward from a instance?
  • Guys I'm lv3 adventurer... and done all the quests in SJ... ALL except the expedition which I have no idea how to find the mask. Still abs no quests from SJ. Mby someone can help me out with the expedition if that is the quest needed or pls a some Admin take a look.:mad: