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  • Do you have more info on those recipes? I mean what are the effects of the food you craft with them.
  • Ele essences were too in orbs, and they drop form HR reward now.
  • It went missing yesterday before maint. I guess in preparation on having ocean heart orbs in cash shop again. Just like the heavnly coin npc didnt take those coins anymore right after we got them! Fw Logics 101.
  • From what the npc says, the mounts you buy though the guild AH are "cursed" so you have to trade them in at the guild AH. Im guessing you cant use it until you trade it for a "not cursed" one. If you trade in any regular mount you already had, nothing happens, you can trade it and you get back the exact same thing.
  • That doesnt matter. Theres still the class race, whch is the one im talking about
  • How else would it be? If it was with an item it would probably be something eles dropped anyway, like zodiacs, so either way woud have to buy something if your guild cant take them.
  • He meant we should had gotten it sooner, but we didnt till patch 100. Try reviving in raids now, youll like your revive better. CD is needed with that change.
  • Wow... well thats something. Ive tried manual doing them and sending pet and neither give dedi for me. Even when i can see i have 10 quests that should give me dedi, i can send pet to do those 10 and give no dedi, and if i do them manualy i see the count going down but i dont get dedi...
  • It is not though out too well for the population NA servers have. Im sure in CN it works, but they have thousands of people playing, while we have a few hundred and most of them are alts. If CN devs are not willing to change it for our servers, i dont know if pwe can do something about it.
  • I just really want to know if it was intended or not, if it was i guess we are all just going to have to get used to teh change and find a new way of getting dedi, but it seems like dedi got nerfed everywhere. Maybe there are new ways of getting dedi we are just not yet aware of.
  • It was working fine for my Demon. Dmg is not amazing but its more around 20k crits (having lvl 80 mastery and 500% ish cdmg, its an alt i dont pay attention all that much to his stats), which is bad considering my inferno rain crits for way over 200k, havent tried it in pvp.
  • The soulforce trinket breaks legit EVERY update. It was even listed as a known issue before the patch even got delayed the first time i believe. But yea, sit and wait for that "hotfix" that can take up to months. It usually get fixed before FA though, think last time npc poofed away for close to half a year. Hope you all…
  • Does that mean once i import it i cant take it out?
  • And also pet moods! Fashion ids too. Resists potions. There is a bunch of ways to push you to 901 or at least as high as possible so you get the least amout of stacks
  • Slightly wrong, you can attack the boss no matter what your stats are, you need 901 resists or the boss will give you stacks, the lower your resist the faster you get the stacks, Stacks make you take dmg from the boss, depends on your hp how many stacks you can take. Some people get up to 11 stacks before they get one or 2…
  • Well they were never in fissures to start with. This are just my guesses now, sea mussel should be fishable in polar borderlands, and Lunamurk Endeavor was a mob drop, it dropped from bloodpact whatever... centurs looking mobs, i know those mobs are in polar borderlands too, im not sure if they still drop them, and also…
  • How long have you been inactive for? Are you sure you are in the right server?
  • I pretty much agree with everything this person said. You would have to try super hard once in your fw life and then you just get to have your fw acclaim handed to you. And 10g is not nearly enough, if you are going to seriously try and you are in a server/ your class has a lot of competence you are not just going for the…
  • You can go here But you need the email adress linked to that account, if you dont even remember that i dont think you'll be able to get your account back.
  • Ok, fine, i might had exaggerated a bit, but for real, when was the last time? Humpy, or whatever that ugly egg thing is called, was the last one, like 3 years ago? And before that i dont even remember them adding pets after the lycan patch. So yeaaa
  • This is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about fluffy animals, specially because its more of an insect, but you cant deny its fluffyness and cuteness! And thats coming from someone who HATES MOTHS. Yes, this are freaking fluffy moths. JUST LOOK AT IT, LOOK AT IT. Tolype Moths! (Also,…
  • The fact that they havent add a pet stone in cash shop since 1874 should say enough about where this pet is gona come out from!
  • Im sure the problem is that we get everything out of order. What i mean is that the fashion that cant be worn by demon was most likely released in china, and left china cs before demons were added into the game. And i guess some of the old fashion sets that demon can wear are just permanent in china cs, or they have a way…
  • Dont think hes talking about this season in particular. With this score wipe before we get the new season, and npc going to neverland, players end up having little to no reason to do arena, they few that want to do it for pvp dont feel like waiting 30-40 mins for one queue, specially on xserver where you have nothing else…
  • Most likely next week. Has happened before when they added 4-5 female sets (the bunny maid, the phantom set, rose cat etc.) one week, and only added one (old) male set that week, but the following week they added the male counterpart of those sets.
  • With all due respect, players have been warning you that this WAS going to happen. It was on forums, several people brough it up on your stream. I dont understand the whole mentality of fixing after it breaks instead of preventing it. Happens every season change, i understand you havent been on FW for that long so you…