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  • Well that sucks :/ Thanks a lot for your help though!
  • Thats the npc i checked, on both fountain, they do have recipies but not the special bait ones :/ i still dont know where to get those.
  • The incorrect use of memes in this thread is insulting. My grandmother could had done better... and shes dead, just like the first meme, which btw is the only one that at least made sense.
  • Im glad to at least see some people know how to disagree with me in a polite way , and actually took the time to understand my point, instead of coming here to just be a jerk, and remind me why i deslike this community (for the most part). Anyway, this fail (imo) event, plus the addition of the new orbs, ive decided im not…
  • I feel like they just dont know how to get money out of us anymore. They are putting an orb.. inside an orb? And with this type of drops in it? Might as well just put golden gear for $500-$1k or more directly from cash shop and save ppl the trouble of right clicking.
  • Do you realize i said it should only be for lvl 90+ characters? If you are not going to take the time to actually read and comprehend what i type then dont waste your time replying. I am not going to explain again that i cant log in at all some days, the concept seems to hard for you to understand, good for you that you…
  • How is it fair? It's heavily sided towards people who have a lot of time to play, who are probably the ones that have the most account with alts that qualify, because honeslty when i can only play few hours a day and not always daily the last thing i wana do with my playing time is waste it on creating an army of check in…
  • Its like everytime i decide to give this game one more try! One more opportunity because i have friends that keep dragging me back to it, they pull something that just upsets me. As if i wasnt already behind enough for not being able to be online for most of the fissure/fates times because of , once again real life, now i…
  • This is too much of a good idea to pop up on any of the PWE staffs head. We just get a middle finger if we have busy irl. Quite lovely.
  • I already brought that up. ( Youve been playing and supporting this game for 5 years? well too bad! coz it seems you have a real life you have to put before a loggin event so you are out. They could had easily made it so to make the reward be…
  • My work requires me to stay away from home sometimes for longer than 24 hours, yes, i am not working the 24 hours straight of course, but i am away from home and i cant carry my pc around with me. I guess i shouldnt be suprised since this game has always favored people who can play 6-8+ hours daily (or have a big big…
  • Not to mention last night when i tried to log in i couldnt get past character selection screen so im pretty sure im already out because im not really sure i manged to log in before that day was over, which wasnt even my fault at that point.
  • There was a loggin even for mercs.. do the quest once, exchange the mercs for gospels?
  • Yes, ive seen so many threads about it before. You ALWAYS have a chance to drop something from your bag (unbound ofc) whne you die no matter what killed you, in pve, in pvp, no matter what color your name is.
  • 2014 FW was a paradise compared to what it is now. Dont even bother with this.
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  • Did you even tried google? I copied and pasted this thread title on google, added fw at the end first link This might help too
  • Yea you got that totally wrong. Think he cant actually pm us but hes gona send us "warnings" (as if you were doing something bad and you get a private warning) with no consecuences, but with the code! I dont know, its just my guess but i know hes not dumb enough to post it on our forum wanabe facebook wall. What i wana…
  • You say that like "Updates on the back end to prepare for Arena Season 4" means we are getting arena in the next at least 6 months, when we are probably not gona see it till christmas (if we are lucky), maybe with the FA npc. Pretty sure 12s is just not gona happen till 2018.
  • The npc made so many ppl upset because its gone! Just bring it back. I know you are trying to make this "better" but its just so much easier to just get the freaking npc thats supposed to be there, back. We are not asking for somethign that was not supposed to be there, FA npc was PERMANENTLY added to the game, which means…
  • Ill vote sure, but we all know this is a waste of energy.
  • I honestly stoped playing after i hit 100 several weeks ago and i just keep checking weekly hoping theyll fix **** and then ill bother to log in the game, but from the looks of it, i dont think ill be playing ever again. And i do like this game, which is why i keep checking back, i said it once and ill say it again, FW is…
  • This is just insulting to players. I know its not your fault, domino, but this is just so disrespectful. Stuff has been broken for months and all we get is new orb, charge rewards when theres nothing on boutique and useless sales. This company is a joke. PWE is just trying to get every last penny from their player base…
  • Im sorry but this is beyond hilarious
  • It is abussing the event, since it is actually against the tos to have an excess of accounts. You are using a lot of accounts that you made for the purpose of abusing check ins, to abuse loggin events. Just because PWE is an incompetent company and doesnt ban people for doing it, it doesnt mean its ok to do so. But when…
  • You said it yourself. "Nothing gets fixed but what makes them money" People arent turning a blind eye on whats wrong, they just gave up, some of quit, some of us stay and play with the bugs, glitches, no fixes, etc, etc. This is NOTHING new, its gets worse with every update. Every update breaks more things, we get less…
  • I dont think theres enough people still playing this game, even if you put storm LH and eyrda together, to get a 12 vs 12 going. Thats 24 people... we might need some alts.
  • That has ALWAYS been that way, even in pve if you get killed by a mob, even if you are white name there is a small small chance youll drop something. Its been that way since the start of the game, its just very very rare.
  • I understand your frustration but you need to calm the F down, so does everyone else. So much rage about stupid codes. I am at work during the streams most of the times, i cant use the codes. Would i like for the codes to last a few more hours? Sure! Do i expect Domino to stay at the office untile 3 -4 am because that time…
  • It has no cooldown, description says so. I think the main issue with this skill is that it DOES NOT work on pvp, target gets hit, i can see orbs poping, but it does not dmg. It does not even show up in combat log. It does hit pets, just doesnt work on players.