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  • I said nothing about an Eta. I just pointed out that the communication between the players and the Gms is lame and they dont give us any infos at all.
    in Question Comment by banjankly April 2014
  • Aslong the GMs arent able to give us atleast some infos this will continue... Ppl are more then bored already and the complaining will raise the longer it takes. And i understand all of them when they say the game got boring. Most ppl reached lvl80 since ages and theres nothing to improve for them anymore. Im mage and…
    in Question Comment by banjankly April 2014
  • The more you talk the more respect you lose for me. Such a comment is just immature and goes a bit to far. But we should get used to it since we saw that more then once from you. I realy wonder if theres anyone left that can take you serious. The thread was about Hr and that is what it should be about. If you have read the…
  • Its amazing how awsome you all are! T;Applauding You are so strong and powerfull im realy yealous. Deeply impressed about youre comments and posts here. Wasnt worth reading a single page... Show me what you got, sho, show me what you got!
  • Guilld looks good, oure members even more ;) We are happy about everyone who is a nice person that wanna have some fun ingame. We dont have any contri. limits or lvl requirements neither smthg else you must do for the guild then to enjoy youre time when you are here. Everyone can do what he wants aslong he/she is nice and…
  • Immortals from Eyrda have nothing to do with the ones from Illyfue. These are 2 diff guilds on diff server. Immortals on Illyfue started in CB with ppl from many diff games. The guild Immortal on Illyfue you can find in many other games like Vindictus, RaiderZ, Sun, Aion, GW2,... No idea about the ppl and the guild from…
  • Thx everyone! T;Applauding
  • Yep unfortunatley they cant do anything without the permission of china. They never made any game improvement based on the concerns of oure community. Kinda sad but we need to get used to it cause this wont change aslong the contracts are like that. So qqing about anything game related wont help at all aslong china dont…
  • I realy thought that there will be some sort of reply on that thread and i realy wonder no other wind mage has a prob with that? I know there are not many around but still this is kinda T;Frozen Either no other wind mage has figured that out or they just dont care... Shame you wind mages! :D Go and QQ a bit so they prob…
  • Pls, pls, can someone hack my account!!!! T;Begging Pm me for user and pw!!! T;Astonished
  • I just read between the lines. They are working on cross server since a while now so that should be r soon and if they have the client for the next content update already it wont take months just to implent it here. Ofc and for sure some fixe have to made but im confident this wont take pretty long. And in a former thread…
  • Im happy we got an update now about the situation. Tyvm for it! T;Great So few more weeks and another content update will come is good news to hear. :) Hope you can fix the probs with cross server fast and bring some action bk to the game. Ppl realy need some more action since the last content update is already more or…