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  • thats a nice way to **** up the game, those numbers are only meant for cn 36 lol....
  • this was the voting event that has been going on for the past few weeks before even they started talking about xmas events... if some of you could just read before posting stuff, u guys could save urself some pointless rage.
  • 70d jesus... lol
  • domino made a post saying east servers might go down, n apparently they r, i cant log my toon.
  • Dear players: "mainland 2" All servers will start at 8:00 on October 21 down for maintenance update, expected maintenance time is 2 hours, special circumstances will be extended, there will be the following update: [New open content] 1, open a new copy of the team activities - Freeport counterattack a) counterattack…
  • actually google translate did a better job than above, this might help to figure out some fo the talent changes and a side notes vamp form is gonna be op 76% attack boost o/ *checked with my cn vamp, original vamp form was changed from 10% attack to 40% n dark gets another 36% from vampiric power 12/24/36%* [Vocational…
  • did u spend the right amount to receive the stats btw?
  • well would be nice if we could list all our lv+50 alts on a list total it on a ticket so they can send the orbs to the main account since its rly late at this point to lvl up any of those chars.
  • did you check what server are you loggin into? sometimes when you get amajor update or ur doing a fresh instlalation of the game, it will have a random server selected
  • you could take off all the effects just for that instance just to not risk it,
  • i would rather see the bunch of missing new fashion on the charge rewards than the old fashion that was suppose to be on the leaf shop, as the op said, this wont call much attention or get ppl to cs if they stuff that ppl like/need from the charge rewards are taken away aka ocean hearts, rare fash, ect... i was hoping to…
  • how about gold gear? i tried augmenting my gold boots but i was trying ot use the shylia's fortune power cos the gold boots already had 4 slots but it didnt let me use , so i guess i have to use the dragon scale fluxe or normal flux then use the blue crystal or purple?
  • i got 5, well i had someone else cos my luck is rly bad but they got me 5 D;
  • i got the same issue when i was running the game on full screen, i couldnt get back in to change the resolution, so i changed the resolution to maximized through the client and it worked, im not quiet sure whats causing the issue but i think it might be a windows 10 bug, it came with it bit of share of bugs, if maximized…
  • it would be nice with an ocean orb sale too!
  • it was stated that the earn points form the charge rewards was being removed to add a separate spending promo, now its the 4th charge rewards n no mercs promo yet.
  • there has been mass dc for the past few days, today it was horrible, eyrda has gone down like 7 times today, this is gettign rly annoying
  • idk how this even works anymore, first the maisn werent getting orbs but lowbies that i never logged, n the ones i logged didnt get the orbs, then on sunday they got mails but it was tier instead of the last tier, they have been rleogged everyday, quiet a lot of times, i got all chars logged everyday n now only my 2 mains…
  • +1 we need a merc promo, its been already 3 months since the last one !
  • its been less than a week and half since i started doing arena with my gl alt sin n funny thing is that im at 2630 score, my 30 croma sin+ my 45 croma priest guildmate =D vs winged teams with a couple of 12/12 parts and still they lost. =D you guys are just QQing cos u dont even know how to play a class... also one of the…