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  • I use pulse shot against waterbards particularly before disarm worked as ensnare it the only cc that they're not immune to while bubbled. Not worth runing or investing points in however
    in Builds! Comment by asd29 April 2013
  • (Quote) As I said I don't really care either way. I know I'll be gouging f2p on gems, fusions and star diamonds and then it'll just be raging at that if there's no change. If it gets rolled back I wasn't dumb or oblivious enough to the fact that PW…
  • (Quote) Doesn't really affect the heavy csers, they had +12 gear well before this lol. If anything it helps the f2p. The heavy Csers will still be on top. It hurts the casual spenders eg those that charge maybe 20 a year
  • (Quote) Holds absolutely no merit. You were playing the game before this 2 days ago. IF rollback happens it goes back to that state. At worst you're doing the exact same things you'd be doing except without +12. Now I'm already on+12 a long time ag…
  • (Quote) If anyone had the time & money to do this they wouldn't of needed the BOGO mistake. But I think there will be a rollback. It's just way way too devastating to the overall economy. Market for Runes, tof, anything ToF related are in the…
  • (Quote) sooo when you're in end game arena where everyone is on lvl3 wings with proper gems and at least 80/60 mastery and resists pretty much everyone is geared out the **** and you simply cannot do anything more to gear up, it's still a case of m…
  • (Quote) if you think this then i feel sorry for you. Sure you'll lose to anyone to anyone that outgears you by a long way but when you're on even gear/masteries/resists at high level arena being smart and being skillful is more important.
  • Usually selling in bulk = a discount, at least that's what i do. If i sell something in a lot of 100 I will price it cheaper per unit than if i was to sell individually. It's a discount for not having to waste my sg and time listing something 100 ti…
  • (Quote) MM's have sleep every 5 secs? I don't think so - only one tree gets a sleep skill and it's a 4 SECOND cast skill with a 30SEC cd. I don't know where you're getting a sleep every 5 secs from.
  • Just throwing this out there but as he is blood, what about invigorate 3 on a very high hp pet. I can't remember the exact figures but isn't the key blood war skills crimson arc, bloodsuck slash and sacrifice a direct % of the wars hp?
  • (Quote) So not only are your reading and comprehension skills sub par you're also too cheap to buy flutes. Nothing fun anymore? Then quit, don't let the door hit you in the **** on your way out
  • (Quote) Where did he tell everyone to kill themselves? I think you better read what he wrote again
  • Can someone explain to me why you'd choose a multiplayer game to solo stuff? It seems **** backwards and non-nonsensical to choose a genre that has MULTIPLAYER in it to go solo? Though while the xp required is massive. I'd like to see how many woul…
  • (Quote) While eva doesn't need to be nerfed at all, using mm and windbards to counter is a pretty weak argument. End game MM are rare in pvp and a good pvp mm is even rarer esp ones that debuff effectively. Windbards are not as rare but they're rar…
  • (Quote) Well TBH if you've spent enough to get the last title - What else do you need lol? Honestly, what could they give you? They have 2 choices - give you something way op and gamebreaking or something useless. And giving something op to a toon …
  • IF crossserver arena comes i will LOL mightily at these people who have sub -500 acc. They don't know what a true eva build looks like. You can have 500% crit damage and 10k attack but if you can't hit you may as well have 0
  • You can't just simply nerf evasion because not enough people value accuracy. Not every class is meant to be uber tanky. Can't hit? as was was pointed out - get acc and if you have it lrn2 debuff eva
  • (Quote) Not really in terms of aoe damage fire mage>>>>>burst mm. The only reason soul was awful for pve was the lack of buffs and debuffs which are now easily remedied by runes.
  • Genius it's not just pvp it's also actually running instances that you rpreviously didn't get dedi for. So yes its good i'm happy all you numb nuts are crying. You may actually go out and play the game rather than getting into apissing contest of …
  • (Quote) Everyone wants everything on a silver platter-guess what have a look at what gives dedication now. Pretty soon standing around scratching your **** in fh gives dedication. And 90% of is stuff you do everyday Exo at the best of times takes …
  • sigh, I think you should understand what a lottery is...a lottery is and never will be fair lol
  • (Quote) Either you go all out evasion or don't go eva at all. While solars suck they are 1000 times more useful than slotting mist 4's and still being under 300 eva. 330+ eva at endgame for pve looking at 400+ eva for pvp
  • The fact that you don't max abominable will out makes this an absolutely awful build for PVE. You will be relying just on damage to keep and hold aggro. If this is the case you are better of going diamond. Maxing mass taunt - absolutely not necessa…
  • I want increased critchance out of stealth lol
  • The only reason Soul sucks for pve is the lack of buffs - if you are willing to rune then it's viable MM have never ever been bad at pve - they have a truckload of debuffs which make them quite good for pve - particularly precision. Eva burst build…
  • It took close to a year to get soul resolution to be somewhat useful it took almost 18 months to get disarm to work properly. We are an unloved class get used to it
  • (Quote) It doesn't matter - at the end of the day it's basic economics. By constantly flooding the market - said farmer will be competing with other farmers. It gets to a point of diminishing returns. There are no rules being broken - the rule is ba…
    in Rotten!! Comment by asd29 December 2012