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  • as in updating a driver, or i would say, buy a new graphic card
  • obviously u need to update ur graphic card's driver, ur comp can run it smoothly on highest settings.
  • yep. major connection lags, due to poor servers. game just started and on almost every realm it says "common" this game's capacity of players is really low. im laging connectionwise on this game more than ever before. they got to do something about it. it has also high ping which is weird since im on the europ server.
  • where exactly in my post, you saw me saying you have worst card than mine\old card? i said update the drivers for your graphic card, that might be the issue.
  • Try updating your graphic card, i have a lil over the avarage computer and i never get graphic lags, only terrible connection lags.
  • u having "frame to frame" lag or issues with talking to NPC's takes time etc?
  • Graphic lags, i dont have any, network lags, i have alot the connectivity of this game isnt that great.
    in Graphics? Comment by apply1 March 2011
  • Admin.....EPIC lol hope they wont get u in trouble for it
  • im done feeding this troll, clear case of nerd rage, you may speak to yourself now.
  • hmmm according to you i sould feel mad... lets see.. im on the server with the lowest ping for my country, the one i chose, i got the best names on it, and you say i should be mad, you make no sense. ur just mad, and log onto my server, see all the world chat is in english, as i said, u try to flame over nothing and its…
  • LOL UMAD? i feel ur pain lolz its just names stop crying over it
  • lol? I dont know if you got the note, but last time i checked the word General, it was for everyone, dont hate the player, hate the game.
  • obviously you dont know what ur talking about lol, if u log into the EU server, ull see most of the names are english nice names that people made, most of people log into the EU server cuz of the lowest ping for them, not cuz they are from europ, im not from the US and i wouldnt choose a name in my language.
  • me and my wife got on the EU server these names- Ice, Vampire, Assassin, Protector, Sky, Star, Toxic, Fairy, Melody and a few more on few accounts, dunno if anyone can top it :P
  • dunno, i saw few threads about people not knowing for sure if it would happen, scionert, maybe they took it down im not sure, thats what they said to me.
  • i downloaded and installed the new Client, now when i open the launcher it asks me if i wanna update, do i need to update it now, or will it go back to the old client if i do update now?
  • what you are saying is right, exept the problem with this game is, we have no way to catch up as we cant get the leaves through in game, even if we grind\do quests etc.. thats for soul coins which are not tradable with leaves, thats the issue here,to get 4000 dollars worth of leaves in game is impossible and thats what…
  • rofl, as i said this is not my JD account, again.. assuming assuming... let me go on the account and shut u up. i lvled up to 145 after i lvled to 150 and ascended (reset) here we go.
  • this dude and his friend eenal are obviously 2 heavy cash shoppers noobs who didnt lift a finger to work on a charecter in their lives, which results in unexperianced stupid posts as we can see in this thread, filled with unrelated claims + none-argument posts which indicates that they know they are wrong but just dont…
  • thats understandable, though most of the community likes the guild wars in PVE servers, and other cool stuff pvp wise that they will probably add in the future but when some1 says that he only likes fighting monsters, he should go play a single player game, as it is stupid for him to troll the forums of an online game…
  • this guy being mad just proves it, hes a noob that hates addmitting hes wrong. low class no brain noob, nothing more.
  • lolz, u need to learn how to read, if you look on the first page you will see i wrote "people who use illigal programs will get banned" what did you not understand? everything you said was "assuming, naive, not true" PVP with your pet? lol that sums up everything you say into 1 thing "bullcrap" you obviously know nothing…
  • go play a single player game if u like fighting monsters.. just stupid.
  • this game is not based on bots, there's the puppets training EXP for a reason, it is not built on bots, you are basing your whole opinion over stuff that arnt even exist, you are just assuming that they will have legal bots on this game, which is highly unlikely. most of the people who play PvE servers also play for being…
  • some1 said anything about being the best? there's a difference between one's want to be the best and have the smallest chance to beat people who spend real cash on this game, the difference is huge, which will make it unbalanced, on this game you cant work hard to get leaves, u gotta spend cash which makes it different…
  • is this guy for real or what? 1.this game doesnt have a bot like other games (people who use illigal programs gets banned) 2. how fun can some1 have when he worked his butt off and no matter how hard he worked on his player if he didnt spend thousands of dollars its gonna suck at pvp? are not valid, you said that the…
  • Yep, the pvp ( the interesting & fun stuff ) is unbalanced due to greed. even the PVE server which will have wars, and probably other PVP related arenas and events will suffer due to all this. too bad, could be a fun game..
  • what does SEA means, and can israel play this game? also what does it mean that they gave it to cubizone, that its not gonna be on PWE anymore?
  • Jade dynasty- they give u an esper which is basically a legal bot for grinding, im playing that game for over 2 years, and i didnt reach the cap yet, they made it up to lvl 150, then a reset then up to 150 again but lvling up is 3 times harder, im @ lvl 145 after reset, would be nice if they did that here, cuz me and my…
  • i see people here mistaken with graphic lag which is crowded places etc, with ping and internet lag. i have major lag, internet wise, im not that far away from the servers i think they should improve the lag spikes, as i play alot of other games and dont get anywhere near as much lag as on FW. again, it is NOT graphic lags.
    in why so lag? Comment by apply1 March 2011