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  • Good luck with that lol, Aegis warriors keep losing like 200 PVE Tenacity when switching stances or die. It magically reappear after realm switching or relog. Mind you this happens for years now. Might as well get used to it cuz its basicly a feature now.
  • cant wait until 6 months later some people can actually do the new content due to the insane difficulty \o/
  • @"anole300#5837" Yeah,there are a lot of ingame service that would make sense to cost soul gold instead of real gold, good point. -The horseshoe upgrades (1gold/try while you provide a material for it as well which is by itself limited amount) -The title boxes from Dar-Diugo (you collect hundreds of Elite Reward Tokens…
  • No idea,i didnt go into that hellhole ever since. It dosnt worth it at all. I dont think they made changes to it tho so it should work.
  • Ayumi here: People dont progress because there is no point, just like u said. But that missing motivation wont be there by seeing someone with OP stats.For example,i look at your stats and see "thats a whole lot of numbers but you get rekted exactly the same on Hall of Duplicates as me". The problem is actually very huge…
  • First code: 2QwZxBkh
  • Lol, i will spend my next 15minutes to come up with a feedback post which nobody will even read,let alone respond.Right? @"anole300#5837" As others said, the difficulty of endgame contents are way too hard, considering that they are much more necessary to do than in other games. A single daily challenge shouldn't be only…
  • We completed it, although i can assure you its not worth it. There is no way to tell which cat is the real thing. Its easy to separate them tho. Listen closely: First things first, you need 1 people with a pet who goes down the stairs all the way to a point,where the cats are close enough through the walls to have aggro on…
  • Because why include something essential yet worthless item for soul leafs when they can put them in an orb as low tier rewards? You do know this is a PWE game right?
  • it triggers me to no end tbh, cannot mix my fashions as i want because of this.
  • lmao, whats next?:D a few instances added, new level cap, a new class? Classified as "behind the scenes updates".
  • Sooooo....whats the conclusion? What steps you guys gonna take? (Within reasonable time) @"anole300#5837"
  • wh everyone forgets the main reason why people opening the chests? its not the SP/XP Books...its not even worth using those,i for one instantly trash them. The main reason is the Champion,Ode,Wargod Points from each chest. Just imagine how much champion you can get if you open just 5 of them in all 10 realms and its only…
  • Guild base have a quest which requires certain crafted potions to complete,it gives 200(?) alchemy XP each completion.
  • one of the npc-s have them on baptism square,i think its in his/her last tab
  • can you STATE that there will be no rollback?
  • Ill be first, 100+ content is "impossible" difficulty and basicly no one can enjoy it. A single daily instance is impossible for everyone who is not in the top 1%. Suggestion: Reduce the difficulty(HP,Attack power,Defense) by at least 50% on every enemy beyond 100 and then MAYBE the majority can handle it. Thank you if you…
  • And yet,there is no answer or hope that they are listening to us, just for once in this god forsaken place. The 100+ content is impossible @"anole300#5837" or do you guys sincerely believe that people gonna farm the old stuff for another 6months to have a chance to do the new stuff?Then the next update comes which makes…
  • @anole300#5837 Months ago i already warned Domino, that he should take a look at our 90+ difficulty because its getting insane. Back then after release, Storm server could not complete Dusk Melee for months. And it was kinda impossible to do the "fixed" ToD95 as well, but after a while that one could be completed with an…
  • Even if you get only the 6 small pack/ day thats still 60 champion daily for free. Thats not an issue,the issue is that you can buy infinite amount of keys and pen as much chests as you want. Wanna bet the timer resets after maintenance? All you have to do is stock up on keys for this time every week and open like 30 after…
  • Best update ever: Phantom shirt sometimes disappear in the water (screenshot is at Jadegloss Lake) (Yes elf women apparently have nipples,so censoring it just to be safe xD) https://imgur.com/IWMBvZ3
  • no idea, the phantom shirt black part was always acting weird. I mean,its supposed to be kinda transparent but there are places where its becoming pure black (like the cash shop preview) and in this case, underwater. So as long as its the same material as the black part in the shirt, then maybe its the same case.
  • I usually say the same when others whine about broken arena, the cross server exploit, the missing orbs. Programing wise the cross server works as intended, arena i dont know "exactly" but if you think about it, arena for the EU works when the maintenance is in another time than usual, figure it out what that could…
  • i have it on +1, didnt had enough certificates for +2 tho. And +2 takes 75k champion which i cant stock up in point currency (60k limit). As for why,maybe because our server sucks and couldnt complete ToD95 till recently,not yet managed on Dusk Melee still, and it takes a lot of time to farm that much amount without these…
  • Its broken cuz we were able to upgrade it to lvl2 vengeance with champion scrolls, now only with legendary scrolls and AFTER we upgraded it to hero 6. It would be no problem if they actually warned us about it,or maybe even let us exchange champion certificates into legendary ones like 10 certificate for 1 scroll,but nooo…
  • or any word about the broken vengeance weapon upgrades,i just login for the flare gem card rewards till we can upgrade them with champion again,if we wont be able to anymore let me know so i can uninstall pls.
  • lol no one said to give it to me,i just want it so i can get it the way its supposed to be... imagine it like this, you need to get 200 flame crystal to get the jewelry,you collected 150, then in this patch they changed it so it requires flame emerald or some shiet and 500 of them are needed (legendary points are basicly…
  • Soooo, it is actually a bug? Cuz i dont really see another reason why we should have different outcomes to choose from when we try to upgrade if the only possibility is Hero 6.