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  • It's been one week of this bs, can we get some info @"anole300#5837" ???
  • Seriously do something about this already, can't play like this :| @"anole300#5837"
  • I'm thankful for one more year of Rohans awesomeness \o/ You are very dear to me and such a huge part of my life! We made so many great (and slightly crazy) memories and hopefully many more to come, thank you for being my lil family and just for everything really. Aza and Cly, hope you know how much you mean to me and how…
  • It's really unplayable atm, huge lagspikes and multiple dcs...hope it gets fixed soon.
  • Yeah but the ppl that were lucky enough to redeem the old code got unbound stuff and now we get a bound divine token, how about making it fair for everyone...? Oh wait, ofc not.
  • I'm a bit confused by the rewards for this event: "a furry smiley, a purple card, a purple chest and a Divine Blood!". I tried to check here everyday but never found any code for it, and today the code "SskTNrxj" was posted on Illyfue but expired just moments later. Was it cus you yet again gave out unbound stuff that…
  • Yeah I meant the tod2, not the old wg raid :) sorry if it was unclear
  • To get earthless earth you need to go to Freedom Harbor (via Vengeance npc in Nightfall), once you are there you go to Alliya, that's the same npc you get windless wind from. Take her weekly quest for earthless earth, complete the tod2 raid and then go back to her, complete the quest and you will get the earthless earth :)…
  • Yeah, I know about the npcs. And no, not all fashion sets are at the npcs, far from all of them. The two sets I personally want are not even available at all atm. Maybe they update the npcs later on, idk. The last two years we had fashion week with "new" and old sets in cs, regardless of orbs. I was suggesting to put some…
  • That's prolly true :) might be foolish but I'm just expressing my opinions and concerns like most others do in this forum.
  • I'm wondering the same, really miss the fashion in CS! :'( FW got a lot of awesome fashion sets, but they are never in cs, never available to buy. Sure, some end up in some really bad orb once in a blue moon, but not many buy those cus they are usually awful and the drop rate is a joke. Why not put em in cs, permanent or…
  • Is this the last week of anniversary? If so, I would like to say ty for the worst anniversary event ever. No login events (no, I wont count that lame login stretch as a login event), no good giveaways, no anniversary fashion or title, no superorb in cs. And let's not forget no communication with the players, no replying to…
  • +1 This sums it up very well. I'm beyond disappointed by this bs event. I'm always looking forward to anniversary but yeah you kinda ruined that too pwe, gj.
  • Seems I can't get quote to work atm. @viiart I had no idea about the difference in the error messages since I didn't see it for myself, you are prolly right then :) It's always fun to see how all the concerns about this event gets ignored. Instead of communicating with us, acknowledge our concerns and try to make the best…
  • Are you serious...........? You never ever informed us about some redemption limit. It's been one day since the code was posted, so now everyone that didn't have the time to redeem during this ONE DAY, get to miss out? What you wrote is "This code will expire on 7/7/17!" If you gonna have a limit then say so, is it that…
  • Ikr xD the moderators sure are more active on fb than in the forum or the actual game \o/ Always dodging concerns and criticism tho, no matter what platform.
  • @"anole300#5837" Sooo are you gonna answer/comment our concerns about this years event? Theres lots of em in other threads in general discussion;…
  • It's in the middle of the anniversary event, if you can even call it that, and there's no proper info about events, no answering our questions, no info about maint, can't even close event we even have a "GM" anymore? Anyone even care to let us know whats going on? Feels really sad atm.
  • Ty for sharing info from the german forum :) Apparently this forum version got no managers that wants to inform us about anything anymore.
  • Could not agree more! Anniversary should be special and epic, it should be for all. Should it not get better each year? This is not even close to as good as last years event, or the year before. Give us proper login events with good rewards, not these bs events. At least that would be a good distraction from all the…
  • Seriously pwe...? Cmon lots of ppl are looking forward to the anniversary fashion, we can't get any new fashion anymore, outside of all the stupid orbs. This anniversary can't be more of a let down, bravo!
  • Right! My bad o:)
  • @"anole300#5837" how was other anniversary events weaker than this...? Honestly don't you see how disappointed everyone is by this event? Two years ago we got 100 free orbs per day, one year ago we got a superorb in cs + code with free mount/title/fash, yeah those had negative sides too but at least it was better than…
  • I really hope pwe/GMs/what ever get that ppl have more than 1 active char on each account. Can we go back to the old login events pls? Even if it's all bound stuff :/ Also, where is the anniversary fashion? :'(
  • My best memory of Forsaken World is without a doubt joining my guild Rohans. When I started in beta I was mostly doing quests on my own and applied for an occasional instance. When I joined Rohans I met people who actually saw me and made me want to log every day. Here I met the most wonderful and lovable people, special…
  • Atm it's looking beyond bad :s I really don't get all this hide and seek, raffles and fan arts...why not make a login event that everyone can be a part of? We hade lots of fun with login events, was something to look forward to. Now everything is about updating the shop and forum events that either require you to cs or…
  • I got extreme lag two days in a row, mostly on the evening. Other guild members had the same and lots of ppl talked about it in world chat. Hope this can be fixed soon :)
  • Yeah I know. My expectations are not superhigh. I just hope we get some kind of celebration but who knows :)
  • Fair enough, ty for the answer anyway! Really hope we get some sort of celebration, many are looking forward to it :)
  • gzzz! looks awesome B)