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  • I'm jelly :eek:
  • Grats on reaching 50 :) Yeah, I believe precision have it really easy in HR, specially since the new spammable AOE is earth element and they don't depend on dual masteries as much; way lesser stat'd precision MM get almost same acclaim I do as soul. I'm only at Lv68 fire and lv40 earth and I can take Khnum to 9% max now…
  • Most people seem to get stuck there, as soul MM I was too until the introduction of PVE intensity, since my masteries were fairly low (850/450 fully buffed, +200ish PVE intensity did the trick) while my crit chance/damage were around 48% and 400%, rest of stats were pretty much the same as yours. Master sniper runes, Iron…
  • First of all, thanks a lot for taking the effort of making this. I just wanted to point out that as of Blood Harvest, the cast time for Burning Rage (Burst MM skill) has been reduced from 2 seconds to 0. I'm not burst myself but a friend pointed out it's actually 0.5 seconds cast, despite the description saying otherwise.…
  • Like viiix said, points are only for 25 and 30, make sure those rooms do give points. We actually get more points than before per run, though 1/3 are mastery and 2/3 are resistance, 54 in total I think. Nonetheless, rooms 35/40/45 state that they give 7/8/9 points upon completion, but they don't; it would be nice to know…
  • I just noticed today arena daily guild quest is gone as well, I guess they figured out we would be busy enough grinding our way to 90 that we wouldn't find time for arena... T;Applauding
  • Thank you for understanding where I'm coming from. I personally don't have merit problems, I'm just voicing my concern about an inconsistency in the progression of guild quests, it's just a matter of giving the same opportunities regardless of level. Everyone up until 74 gets guild credit for things they already should be…
  • Or astral... but you're missing my point. Lower levels can also do all those things, while we keep losing Jessica's and potential ways to contribute to the guild.
  • Glad to help. I play on Illyfue T;Away
  • I thought same thing except 4 points in force of protection and max meditation of wind, but yes this is better.
  • Regarding your mana problems, I agree that mages consume a lot of mana but they also have the highest mana pool. Just get yourself some wind skill reduction cost rings and always carry lots of potions highest level you can use (from remedy dealer npc or GB), they stack up to 1k. If you plan on being 100% PVE and never EVER…
  • Tyvm,fast reply :D Edit: spent my leaves 2 hours ago, still no points :(
  • Does this mean we can only use the points we already have and can't earn points for charge rewards for leaves spent during the weekend? Want to make sure before I spend all my leaves this weekend and then realise I can't buy my tuffy D:
  • Ty will try next week :)
  • BoR is easy to counter but IMO the problem is that cd is too short.
  • I'm interested in this achievement as well but I've been kind of lazy about it since I tried killing mobs with a lv80 char and couldn't spawn the mobs required for achievement. I guess bringing a friend or alt of the proper level for each kind of mobs (30-39, 40-49, 50-69)and following Magicka's info boss would spawn and…
  • I decided long ago twins not worth it since around 8D+ to buy weapon (usual price in Illyfue) and 3200 brilliance to reborn and get wise or other **** and have to reroll adds with more brilliance for only 16 acc and 300 hp golden stat not worth my gold. Better use it to up masteries and reforge. So I thought maybe TOK…
  • I was just poiting out a fact he overlooked, never in my post I implied anything you assumed. Please practise reading comprehension and direct your rage towards someone else.
  • Ok thanks for info, I was wondering if it would be worth getting one if it ever drops but if it's the same base as wg/reborn twins not worth my gold I guess. I expected it to be better considering how rare it is :(
  • Asassin weapon gets 2% critchance and 5 additional evasion golden stat (if they swing that way) so it is a huge advantage. For other classes not so gamebreaking, for assassins it's a big deal.
  • Even my sin alt lv60 in unrefined green gears could camp around, get orbs and kill lv70+'s without getting hit. Stealth in FF is so OP it's not even fun.
  • 2 of my guildies reached 80 about 3 months ago and they're not ranked yet. My mage alt hit 80 around that same time and hes around the 400s. Another guildmate reached 80 a few weeks later and he's ranked before my alt. I agree, level ranking is messed up. When I hit 80 it seemed to work fine though, not sure when it went…
  • I love my guild, and turnip smileys :D
  • I read a while ago in a thread regarding anima crits, if both a regular crit and anima crit were to happen simultaneously the game would calculate both and the one with highest damage would be the one to be done. I would have guessed something similar would apply in this case: if a crit would do less damage than a non-crit…
  • Because certain classes can easily remove "last placed" buff, for example aegis warriors or mages. It's a way to "protect" their shield by buffing something over it, which will be removed instead in case someone tries to purge it. Also better use tenacity since fortune gives you critdef and possibly resistance if runed,…
  • Sorry if I was misunderstood but since he said "beat them alone in a fair fight" I supposed 1v1. ...also wow thats some scary stuff. :D
  • Imo a frost mage could stand a chance as well. Depending on build you can drain whole mana in about half a minute while enemy is perma-transformed (if you have swift transform runes, adv frost realm and boundary maxed with runes and pop magic meditation which also happens to increase water res by a big deal). Water bards…
  • I'd rather keep Illy as it is, although I'd love to see some pvp action on elite bosses/twins/elebosses (eventually) since atm it's monopolized by the same people who maxed their dps far beyond regular player's reach. The idea of those events in pvp server seems so much more exciting and less elitist, with average players…
  • This happens to me only on my mm, but I do hellroad on my mage every week, and on my priest every now and then and they never got it.:confused: