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  • its been 3 hours...just saying...
  • this is one long asss thread. but i agree how the server status should be fixed online showing that it is offline and include the server stability factor.
  • i would refer to this: http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=219511
  • not a bad video at all! its only blood vamp though. and nothing like blood rite or blood sea. shadow scar. we all wanna see those crazy amazing 3Diamond+ skills. xD
  • this is....really interesting :D this was my plan as hybrid http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/5645/21334029.jpg id love to see it myself and duel a vamp with that hybrid plan you have! although you gotta keep something in mind...after level 70..its hard as hell to level up. Those points after 70 mean alot and as hybrid…
  • bad idea...right with anono. you will have two different masteries which is a helll to build at one of them alone. if your rich then maybe its an idea....but again once you hit 70+ you will be wasting high level tier skills for those lower level ones. and after lvl70 you will be barely getting points..why waste them on…
  • you Ever notice lvl 65-68 vamp gear holds a sheathed dagger on the waist? IF a vamp has a dagger...why the hell not use it? Lmfao
  • Its really player choice to be honest and highly debatable. If you do almost nothing but heal then yea it might be good for you...but it would be better off getting much more health instead. Health comes first as a blood vamp before heals. Also HE is only good at really high level gear. you can get a 500+ HE easily but by…
  • Let me know if you guys have more comments or suggestions? =O id love to hear more feedback or see more blood trees!:D
  • actually guys i got alot of feed back and looked through ALOT of threads. :( but overall i found one that suits me. at higher levels it really depends on what you like more. you might not even get blood rite because of how bloody expensive it is... here is my talents and my explanation why compared to yours:…