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  • I thought that's what several guilds do on PvP servers do too. *pulling in safe zone, wink wink*
  • Thanks everyone for the PvP Events and hope everyone who attended the events enjoyed them as much as I did, even if I only organized 4 or 5 of them. Quitting game now. See ya all and have a nice summer:D
  • Oh cool! The people that quit over a year ago will now know thanks to you! Nice Necro btw:)
  • TW reset you say?._. Now that the map is full, you reset. Back to TW fights where 40 different guilds join to stop you from getting any lands! (Or 30v0, depends how popular your guild is:D)
  • 1. How was that trolling? 2. Why are you posting this in forums? What do you expect the players to do? 3. Why are you complaining about this and not your friend?
  • Won't discuss this in forums, already talked about it with you in PM's:D There are more non-cash shoppers going to the events than cash shoppers. Actually, throughout the events, i recall only 5-6 level 2 or level 3 winged players coming. And even if they came, they left shortly after cause everyone was focusing on them…
  • Well in the PvP event we are actually doing good. Minus that one event.... Anyway, point is once reward is mentioned, cash shoppers will join just to get the reward. I do PvP for the fun of it, not to farm it. And that's why people you ask why they are not coming, don't do PvP. Because they DON'T WANT PVP. They want…
  • Why does it have to be rewarding...? It's PvP...
  • I swear there was the same thread about alts in GL 2 days ago. If you go GL with people you don't know, your fault. If you stayed when there are 2 alts in party and 4/6 are healers, your fault. So stop coming in forums to complain about it. It will help no one and you will make a fool out of yourself.
  • Max + 1. If max is 3, 3+1=4. Here's a calculator so you can double check : http://www.online-calculator.com/ This means, the max you can get is 4/3, therefor, you can't get to 5/3. Simple enough?
  • Quoted by this: "2. While you can put as many runes in as you wish, you will only get benefits of a talent equal to its max level +1. So if the talent has 3 levels, then it can have a max benefit of 3+1, or 4. This applies to all talents."
  • It will be open 24/7 :eek:
  • Bump, as a reminder. Tomorow, Tuesday, 16:00. PvP Event at hunting grounds Trade realm.
  • 4 freaking posts to tell you that I AM FREAKIN SUPPORTING YOUR IDEA, BUT IT WONT HAPPEN DUE TO THE TIME YOU POSTED IT, WHICH IS AFTER 1 YEAR OF THE PVE SERVERS UP and the response: I will reply as i want. : okay :
  • Whaaat...OK, you have elections in a country. The day of the elections you have an exit poll. 1000 people are included. 650 say A, 350 say B. You didn't ask the WHOLE country, but you get a general idea of the community's opinions. Same here, from the amount of people active in forums you get the general idea of what they…
  • What try? I was just telling my opinion, sue me. Also, check this thread: http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=353191 Maybe you should check the forums after a long time you quited to get an idea of how the community changed in this game.
  • Sigh... 1.I played PWI on a PvE server for 2 years, i know how the PvP flagging works. 2.I didn't say its a bad idea. I said I'm supporting it. BUT! There is a great amount of people which does not. Why should a GM listen to you know, after more than a year of this game in the market. You are bringing back an idea that was…
  • Don't know if you notice, but in the last threads about the player appreciation month, a PvP event was suggested for the PvE servers. If you read the responses from PvE servers' players, a pretty good amount is saying that they don't want such an event to happen cause as they say, PvE event=No Open PvP should be included.…
  • It does, but those PK Fests weren't organized by someone, they were, well PK Fests. These are PvP Events, free-for-all. Why come and ruin the fun for everyone?:| But anyway, will have to talk to some people for the next event.
  • Certain guilds grouped up, started ganking everyone, people tried coming back, they were RH farming, everyone raged and left.
  • the 12:00 Pvp Is Now Done. Certain Problems Has Caused The Event To Finish A Bit Early. No 17:00 Event Will Take Place Today. Next Pvp Event Will Be On Tuesday. Thank Whoever Came Today And Sorry For How The Event Turned Out To Be. I Will Make Sure The Next Events Wont End Up Like This One.
  • UPDATE: There will be a PK Fest EVERY Tuesday and Thursday, similar to the first one. a Free for all PvP Event at Hunting grounds. Event Type: Free for all Where: Hunting grounds Realm: Trade When: Tuesday 16:00 Thursday 16:00 Saturday 12:00 and 17:00 Since I noticed a lot of people liked the Free-For-All thought to do…
  • 5 Seconds after I took the screen shot i got killed too:( That would be awesome, will keep you in mind Hito, thank you.
  • QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT The PvP event has started 15 minutes early! I counted at least 20 people here before the event even start! Seems like it will be a successful one^^ Have fun all:D
  • OK, if I am doing more PvP Events (That will depend on the first event) Shard-Gear Only Tournament will be one of the events to follow. More info to come after today. And will probably need some help organizing the events to follow:D
  • Resistances/Masteries are really not the problem. How do you make sure that everyone who is there will be in shard gear? I would love to start such an event, but need some help on how to do that, if it's possible.
  • Thought about it already, but hard to do. Can't control whether someone will come at the event with shard gear or not, and if he does come with shard gear, he will ruin the PvP for everyone. Also, should be kinda hard for everyone to get a full high level shard gear set for just a PvP event. But if I could, I would love to…