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  • Since when do orbs increase accuracy? You get orbs when u miss.. but that doesnt make you miss less :S? Imo this is better... if you fight an eva party and u cant get any orbs even.. its pretty much a loss already.. Now you can have RH and atleast hope for the few hits you need to kill them...
  • What these ppl above said. This are 2 recorded videos recorded seperarely + IF he`d use a third party program.. Ingame bot supports to use 2 potions too..? So..
  • shizzle works again
  • I`ll repeat it just for confirmation :P Doesnt matter what class you are, eva builds dont hit as hard as non eva build. For gears take purple arena gears if possible. If you cant and you`re a pvper, take blue arena gear with wargod weapon + wargod boots + wargod hands/champion hands (or GvG gloves if you get the…
  • He said he bonds someone, but they attack him right away. They shouldnt be able to attack him right away, bcs they are bound. I believe they use arena stones or dispel skill. Marksman has that speed, warrior have stance switching.. etc etc. Maybe you didnt see the effects, but if they expect your bond, they can counter…
  • Yes its useless. I`m arena geared not eva. I`ll still get hit while in imp and the dmg is too low during impform @natss; When other skills are in CD I use it. The extra crit + cooldown helps alot. But you`re right, I might consider putting the points in the debuffs instead - I got a rune for seed of darkness. - The 3 secs…
  • http://fw.perfectworld.com/talentcalc?cls=vampire&r=kin&b=t2a15t2a35t2b12t2b34t2c14t2c21t2c41t2d23t2d35t2e43t2f14t2g22t2g43t2h21t2h43t2i32t2j11t2j22t2j42t2k11t2k24t2k32 Adjusted it by taking into account that you have no runes
  • Drugs in Holland is legal T;Puzzling :D
  • FW is known for these kind of problems x.x everyone knows it And this is not allowed to discuss on the forum so.. beware it might be deleted and closed anytime soon
  • I play this game for 2 years :P got 3 lvl 80 chars like 5 lvl 75+. I had lvl 4 gem from pray once too. Fail priced merc bogo gave me 70 mast while I had lvl 40. And true, I had some help too. But lets say I got 10D free from someone else; I gave her stuff too. And lets say 10D -lvl 70 mast, dont think sum`s vamp would be…
  • I read you right, just interpretet it wrong. If you litterally say "there is no one that can out DPS me" how can anyone think of something else then what you exactly say there I didnt buy gems, farmed it all by myself too. On this char and my previous priest, nothing bought. Didnt buy my 12/12, not a piece, everything…
  • First thing: I lolled Second: you know im not CSed right? :S Third: you make our server look bad :S No offense
  • 3 seconds ensare is not really worth it (On the enemy). You are ensared yourself too for 3 seconds if you dont have feast runes. Not 3 more ensare on yourself but on your enemy ofc You missunderstood me :P And yes those 3 points can be spend better. Depends on your build ofc And that vamp is badly skilled imo :S If you put…
  • If you have low hp its useless to have those extra 3 points there. Its even more useless if you dont have feast runes to get increased damage. Imo only HP vamps, not evasion, should go for those 3 points + feast runes. The health regen is too low to make it worth skilling. Its like 4-5k hp regen each second. You can regen…
  • We already had it during the week too (last week and some weeks before) :S? Just ask if you can get it perm xD
  • I love your humor xD I applied. And you qouted The Hunger Games xD When does this application end :3?
  • Very awesome, but some have problems with installing useless **** on their PC. Its like installing all kind of toolbars and extra pograms which you are never using..
  • Limit is 9999 :P And bat, the same message you have when you create a new character. The second day you login with that new character you are able to get that stuff from shylia. I havent seen you posting here since yesterday, so can you confirm this is still going the day after you had the problem? Because maybe the game…
  • Pro man.. xD but he`s from Illyfue :P
  • After you`d change arena gear you could use your old gear for this.. But to specially buy arena gear with gold is abit over the top.. The only other part of gear that has elemental defense IDs would be the gear from the resistance bosses on thursday. But ofc, also that, is no option. FF rings have these IDs but arent…
  • Its the difference that matters.. I know you`re right.. :P The problem is that the difference on pve servers is even bigger then on pvp so.. that was what this thread was about 1 heavy CSer is a heavier when other ppl suck more. its all relative
  • I thought about this too.. Do we really gotta buy arena purples to get it -.-? And its not about that ele def is bad; if you fail the trans, you`ll get stones. Those stones you need. So its worth to try and fail to get a 100% succes in the future. Relics dont have the option to get ele def on them:|
  • He got 20D like 10x for getting other ppl to 2.6k+ score :P same with his teammate Even with noob ppl to boost they beated every1. Rarely, really rare back tehn we beat them for a round or so but.. too damn hard. But you can imagine that you have to be really strong to 2vs3 a party and always win... (that changed now but…
  • CSing does grand instant godmode. Just depends on the amount you have CS`d. The amount needed to CS is in eydra higher then in Illyfue ofc. But ye... True, Ive sold FP gear for 50g (1D!) even. But back then we didnt have HR for masteries and res. So it equals out? And well guns.. :S you have both (very close to) lvl100…
  • Honestly.. They are from charge rewards.. Ingame leaves > cash shop > charge rewards.. Enough gold > enough leaves > enough charge points > lvl 5 gems Ok they can be farmed... BUT DUDE, WTF! Now.. quit the argument of "everything can be farmed" everyone knows its not an option -.-
  • Lvl5 gems! cant farm those :| +1 Zonal And yes almost everything is farmable.. but just... Everyone knows what the issue with that is.. -.-
  • lvl 100 mastery (2(3))x lvl 100 res 8x..
  • Additional Improvements Can now exchange Eyrda Leaves and Mercury Statuettes for Gold and Guild funds. Guild interface optimized. New Tavern quests added. Vehicle or transformation segments added to starting zone quests. Miner and Artisan maximum level increased.
  • http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=468291