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  • I sent in a ticket about this just because it was bugging me. This is the reply: Hello, Thank you for your reports. We are aware that some users have ongoing issues with their forum avatars. Unfortunately, we will not be able to speed a solution at this time. However, we have gathered all of the necessary information you…
  • Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Add awesome fashion. This one or the pink babydoll one I saw somewhere. (Can't remember where). The last 3 female fashions don't look good /wronged
  • Never laughed this hard since a friend put a lvl 3 bound goldspark into another friend's undbound weapon, and tried to give it back to him. xD There has to be some sort of sacrifice to everything. You can't have double the stats AND double the chroma.
  • Level 80 Mastery, Level 3 Wings then quit! lol
  • This is somewhat true, but the mentor points that you are able to receive are capped because after 50/50 Glory, you don't get any mentor points. Say you farm mAoS for your Points, well each run is 6 glory. 50/6= 8.3 - so you get 8 runs, and only 2400 to spend to reforge gems. Good thing this is not farmable because I would…
  • Do these books only spawn once a day? It's been 6 hours since we cleared the realms and they haven't respawned.
  • I've done this just because I couldn't find a third person to dual, but the GL was faster for this guy than any other GL he's been in. And I didn't ask him to do anything besides create a green crystal every 3 minutes. He basically got carried through GL. Just because some of the dual clients sit there afk doesn't mean we…
  • Nice. Love the pretty white, though we most likely won't get that one. We never got the Green/Red Flying Dragon either. I likey this oneeeeeeeeeee so pretty. lol
  • I apologize I did not read that part and there is no reason to treat me like I broke your lollipop >_>. Well that majorly sucks for people who live in the same house and play this game together and do GL together. They can get unrightfully banned with no real proof because their IP's are the same? Way to be fair.
  • Just... no. Very bad. The point of digging into a bard tree is not to get the Solo's of Wind/Water/Light - you dig deeper into the tree to get: Water- Triple Partitia (Never been a water bard so I don't know the second best) Wind- Inspire and Voice of Freedom Light- Resurrection and Life Awaken In my opinion you are not a…
  • It seems very unlikely that it is a bot running through freedom harbor and setting up a vend. You probably see all of his alts load into FH and run to whatever spot he picks. When you "Follow Target" someone on this game, you don't end up on top of their pixels unles they walk you around that way. Pretty sure he has alt #1…
  • It's nice that you guys are getting skill drops. Because I have tons of alts that spam WW every Saturday and not a single LoH6 drops. Been looking for it for 4 months and have not been able to get it. Someone got one an hour later from WW and I offered to buy and got ignored. Something really does need to be done about…
  • It's not all about mages but he's a MAGE. It's how he noticed it. If you were talking about broken skills you would be talking about priest skills being broken - not prot, cause you're not a prot Odd. And all buff skills are 0 cooldown pre-gate arena.
  • This was posted 04/11/12 by an Admin last week.
  • On Lionheart it seems like LoH6 is impossible to get. There has not been one in the AH for 2 months, been checking constantly. Skill Book says you get it from "Today's Events"... but tons of people do those and I can't find one anywhere. Do you have to be a certain level for it to be awarded? My 80's never get scrolls.
  • The Flying Bat is a cash shop flying mount at the cost of 1000 leaf and does not disappear ever unless you accidentally throw it away. I use mine constantly at level 5 flying and it hasn't disappeared yet.
  • The set bonuses suck is why it can't sell, on top of being dropped frequently. I got the whole bard set in 3 days of running. When they make all of the sets the same bonuses for every class it clearly states that they don't care about the non-pvp'ers and are basically forcing you to spend money to get high in arena, or…
  • Why can't you just tell us? :x All we want is answers, doesn't have to be from Ray. This isn't a glory thing of staff members answering questions...
  • Really...? This is so old - if you don't like the pay to win why play this game? We have 1 lvl 2 winged and she's a priest. Everyone else is just barely past lvl 1 wings. I see level 40 winged characters, what does that have anything to do with how easy the instance is? I was with a full level 1 winged party for AS and it…
  • To be honest my party was really well geared but even this geared, AS was much harder and more tactical than this instance. Tombs is basically tank and smack and don't fall in the pit. Granted we haven't popped the "special" boss yet.
  • True. It's much more different on the PVP server I'm sure and quite a lot more hectic, I can imagine what the guilds go through on that. It's pretty boring unless we have competition and I guess that's what this thread is about right? Getting the server as a community to come out and try to achieve something new. (Off…
  • Organizing the parties is a difficulty in itself and takes a lot of "teamwork" and coordination. The best parties are created first by character DPS and survivability. Even if you're used to running with a regular warrior with Lvl 1 wings and lvl80 mastery - but there's a better warrior available, you have to create the…
  • You're sitting here saying that people on the server need to work together to overthrow the top guild and get drops for themselves, and you think that the top guilds on each server isn't going to come here and post? There are Avatar's all over this thread because the only reason for logging in on this game anymore for 80%…
  • That is definitely not an NPC, as it is wearing the level 75 EB weapon for Bard. (I know what it looks like cause I have one.) And I'm pretty sure that new NPC's in game would not be wearing legit Cash Shop fashion. So it's either a GM wing, which will probably be released later to players (like the level 3 wing was…
  • Yeah I have 3 rows free in my bag =\
  • Interesting, ok. Thank you very much =3
  • I'm talking about the second boss. After you smash Kleur two more bosses spawn, the mage and the girl that accompanies him. But for some reason on our 5th run since the patch came out a worm spawned with the girl - but no mage.
  • My Light Bard made a huge difference in parties. One ran with a Priest and a Blood Vamp and it was just a disaster. Only problem with having 2 priests in a party is that they have to share drops, so you won't find many people wanting to go on that set up.
  • The second boss is a random spawn between the Mage and his girl, to the girl and the pet worm? What the heck? Anyone have any other info on this please post.