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  • It takes a while for updates to reach our version, usually 3 months after China gets them. So any bug fixes will also take 3 months. Plus an additional month because **** you. Sincerely, PWE.
  • Fealty is pretty cool. . .
  • It opens at 18:00 but only starts spawning chests at like 18:30 I think. It's been this way since open beta, back when people had no idea what that Abraham world chat message was. It even tells you the timeslot in the quest UI under PvP events.
  • Well, you're right about one thing. Dealing damage as a marble is hard as ****. So for the room 30 boss I put most of my roses in damage with just 5 levels in heal. Ayrshi does way more damage than me (I never get a drop) but I keep agro. So I guess I didn't notice the change in boss HP since I don't do most of the damage.…
  • I'm marble and I haven't noticed any difference at all. But 2K damage to you is like 500 damage to me, less with a prayer buff. I wish they made changes with Ayrshi's spell mechanics. She should never bubble herself when she is with a prot. If she does, I die. So I don't bother putting points into her defense.
  • Yeah, because we all know arena works like that. No one manipulates that incredibly complex rating system with a matchmaking system that nobody can figure out. Certainly they devs put as much time and effort into a system that reasonably matches24 people together as they did developing a system that matches half that…
  • I believe the code is working now. Nyxa has addressed this in one of her previous posts.
  • You said the time required (in spite of the cost increase) will likely remain the same, which I agree with. You also said they did this so people wouldn't swap old ones for the new ones, but having the new rings the "same price" as the old rings is what makes me want to swap in the first place. In that sense, the reasoning…
  • Your post is contradictory. I'm in no way directing my frustration at you, but since you bring it up, I'll address you. The old rings took 30 days at 3K points a day. You say the new rings will take 30 days at 7K points a day. If the points aren't increased, then I guess we can all look forward to getting the new rings…
  • You have to act like a child to talk to a child. Ever tried being reasonable with them? It never ****ing works.
  • Please use proper grammar. I can't understand you.
  • Exactly. No one likes you. I'm glad you finally realize that now.
  • It's not legitimate. He's complaining about something that he hasn't even seen yet, when the front page clearly explains that his complaining is for nothing. No one likes you at all. So, if you don't mind, I would ask that you be the one who kindly screws off.
  • Maybe I don't have time to read everyone else post? And if I did, why would I bother? I know the answer. So I respond. Thread closed. No need to read anyone else's response. Also, you're annoying as hell. No, I don't have respect for this person. They can't read a short paragraph that explains how the tokens work. Nor do I…
  • Maybe read the ****ing update page? It says you don't get jade coins until you unlock the fealty reward. That means there are still flare boxes. Otherwise, no one would get anything from GL, until they got the fealty reward.
  • I'll find the back way into your base.
  • They weren't losing money. They don't move product. They just weren't gaining money that they predicted they would get. There was no saying that people were going to continue to buy star crystals at their current price before the nova packs. Not at the current rate, and certainly not in the future as more competing games…
  • Well that explains it. I didn't get to do hell road on sunday because the servers were down, so I still had 3K from the first half of the week. Thanks.
  • Why does it have to be items? Why can't we get services for soul leaves? Teleports instead of the currently existing stupid teleport item, gear repair from anywhere, reset single talent points instead of all of them, heal our pet completely upon revive. . .
  • You're right. The worst part of the rollback wasn't losing the refines and the runes. It was seeing how great the game was with all of those things. It's like being taunted. If we want to have that level of satisfaction again, we just have to hope for near impossibilities. In the meantime, we have to play with a pitiful…
  • Refunding money means refunding money. It means you get your money back. Refunding zen means refunding zen. It means you get your zen back in your wallet. I didn't spend any money so I don't know what happened for sure, but that link above says zen. If…
  • When did they refund money? I thought they were only refunding zen. Sounds like PWE made money off of this. The game was slowly dying anyways, hence the never-ending advertisements of Neverwinter on the game's own site. Tera is already f2p, Neverwinter is coming soon, and closed beta has started for Elder Scrolls Online.…
  • They are selling them, in the form of unbound +12 gear.
  • The servers are down. How can the website communicate with the servers when the servers are down? And even if it is broken, the servers are down. You can't log in to claim it, so it doesn't matter if it works now or it works in a couple of hours. At least wait until the servers are up before you complain.
  • I hate to ask for this, but I recently rebuilt my computer and lost my illustrator program. If someone could make me a signature of Rorschach with an inkblot of a star crystal, I would love them forever.
  • I thought the same thing, but it doesn't mention leaf price. It only mentions that they exist.
  • Rollback it is. Too many immortal runes and star crystals to count, dumped on Eyrda like the sands of every ocean of every beach on Earth.
  • What, for your pants? It cost me 42 diamonds for my weapon. I'll be pissed if they have a star diamond sale, but I'm happy we at least got the star crystal sale. And either way, it's still cheaper than what people paid a year ago.