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  • The reward for completing Hell Road lvl 5 is a Anima Rage with light activated. I am guessing light because it would be kinda tedious to code Anima suitable to you class and even then it might not be the element of your choice so they opened up light. Of course you caould argue that they could have coded it with none open…
  • In terms of class tier: SAME OLD SAME OLD! Wait.. move wars up a notch above ummmmmmm... ooh nvm as I said above: SAME OLD SAME OLD!!!!!!
  • PvP wise Soul marksman is a beast if you know what you are doing and have the gear. The ability to cast mark under .5 secs and disarm working versus every class is is huge bonus. Also bullet regenration increase solved a huge issue for me and those soul mms that have a clue. Finally the change in terms of not having the…
  • My rebel priest is a lvl 75 called Inzho. To me the updates are good and as far as my priest goes ty ty ty for the damage boost to divine strike. A rebel priest is not as good a healer as a divine priest nor is it as good a dd as a vamp or a sin. What it is, is a nice class to do a little bit of everything but not…
  • Can a GM at the very least let us know why we can't apply because no information has been given in game as to exactly how the system works. Yeah we do good at figuring lots of stuff ourselves but every now and again a little communication from you guys would be nice.
  • Funny enough the highest ranked hell road score in Eryda was a priest after last check.
  • Thank goodness, no lvl 70 werewolf sin breathing down my throat on day 1.
  • Same here, really nice!
  • Its called Hell Road. I would have been very disappointed if people waltz to the end on its release! Also if it were so easy then it would make levelling anima useless. I like the instance and the system. I am a rebel priest and I can't get past room 16. That said it was a lot of fun and looking forward to reset.
  • As a rebel priest tell me all about it. I swore Strike of Punishment was also supposed to be boosted. If however more runes become available and we can get shield from rune then its all goood. To me divine is great except Divine light needed some use. Also glacial got a little look so not so bad.
  • To you, of course it does.
  • You are spilling a lot of theoretical bs. Come Eryda get to 79/80 then repeat everything you just wrote.
  • But game wise what changed? Sins are still op so this does not constitute a nerf! A nerf is reducing the length on silence to 3 seconds, thats a nerf, that is worth talking about! Even then, sins would still be a dominant class!
  • Hence why I call the rune system a fail and another cash shop layer. The average player isnt getting to 90. A rune with 7-10 energy is anywhere between 2-10 diamonds. That is strictly cash shopper territory!
  • First of all realize that it is a matter of not only class but talent tree. It appears the developers wanted to make specific talent paths more PvP oriented and leave other for PvE. To me the problem there is that you are forced to take those paths to be competitive. Even at top level PvP and I am there on my mm, which by…
  • Its true though. Most players have stopped doing arena because of players like that. The result is that those of us who are left end up versus them anyway even though our scores do not match. Its not the queue system that is failed. The idea that gear/mastery/resistance/gems makes such a marked difference between players…
  • The game was more competitive before the great divide in terms of gear/masteries etc. I remember back when guild wars were actually fun because we were all fairly competitive. Now its one big unbalanced cluster ....................! Unbalanced in terms o class balance (water bard, ice mage, edge sin, dark vamp, divine…
  • Ok all sarcasm aside, lemme sit back and study the effects of this nerf/fix/whatever you wanna call it: Changes nothing on my end! Sin still gets first hit popping out of stealth with mostly likely a huge crit followed by perhaps 7+ secs of silence and in case it didnt work gets to stealth again to make doubly sure I get…
  • How dare anyone do anything to nerf a sin. They are so squishy and now you throw in a nerf and don't even put it in the patch notes? Do you realise this is the games almost only real pvp class!!!! This is an absolute tradgedy! CN Rules 1. a) iii.. Assassins CANNOT be nerfed under ANY situation. How dare FW devs ignore that…
  • Balance? FW developers have 0 idea what it is because their heads are still stuck on the screen drooling over Assassins! When ......wait that will never happen ....... Forget about balance. Bottom line is that the developers like Assassins and PWE has little to 0 influence on the isssue. PWI/FW developers idea of balance…
  • How dare you want a new class! SUBMIT!!!!!! Play Assassin and LIKE it.
  • You do not understand what I was saying then and I do not want to rehash that whole incident. I was in favor of everyone getting it but I was playing devils advocate because 1) In every other business I know paying customers get bonus rewards and 2) It was not game breaking which some people (who are no longer with us…
  • Skip all the above and just make an assassin. Really why play anything else!
  • More Assassins. More. I mean what is the least played class in the game....Assassins right? So lets make mooooooore Assassins! Sigh.
  • 2 Years later and mms are still the bane of this game and I am supposed to vote on what? Layer upon layer of this game is handed out to cash shoppers and I am supposed to vote on what? Bugs that actually give class advantages in PvP (can't run from a sin after it uses a certain skill which clearly is not how it is supposed…
  • Rune system is a joke unless you can afford the runes to get to 3rd tier of skill bonuses. Another cash oriented layer of the game.
  • Truth. Many players have given up. I myself would stop but I still do it for the dedication and gems.
  • Since I have been back this is almost exclusively what I have faced: 12/12 gear all lvl 4 gems or there about 60+ mast and 30+ all resistances in purp (hp) or eva stacked gear. The arena is a flat dud for me where I go to get my weekly prize and move on. This game is all about who can make the most money and gear their…
  • A rebel priest with divine bubble yes pls do that = new replacement for sins found!!!!
  • I'm bored too ................ of getting creamed by sins!