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  • Although the skill is unable to be used until it resets ... it claims that the prayer skill is usabe. Which makes for a tuff time when you pray and get interrupted while botting. :) Just an update, that is all.
  • Hard to "stop QQ" when you get multiples in a row that you have to not only drop / abandon, but also lose your Dedication as well. Just time to log out. Find something to do that is less broken and game breaking when you need Dedication for certain quests and rewards. I start with Henry's and when I can not continue there…
  • I'm sorry. I didn't consider it a bug as you can get the materials. It's just the chance and amounts that make it unreasonable. Didn't realise it was considered and listed as a bug. My mistake.
  • Was in reply and quoted from OP. Sorry you missed that.
  • This ^^^ Makes no sense for a level 40 Health Potion, just drop the quests and call it a day, wasting no more time or effort on a fail mission. Just got multiples on 2 characters. Bye bye Henries. Maybe next day, but as Henry loves to repeat his quests ... You can find a single Boling Blood for 10 gold in AH, but chew on a…
  • I have the paper from Rio to take to Charlie, but when I get to Charlie there is nothing, no response other than 'Buy Drinks' or 'See you'. No other options. I can't 'open' the paper as a quest or anything else. Any idea why this is happening? I am currently waiting on Masha quest level requirements. Thanks for any help or…
  • At level 25, I believe, in the Boutique (the Blue Ribboned Gift Box on the upper right) you can recieve 10 n Reputation Badges that will be enough to catapult you to level 4 Reputation with your Faction. This is enough to be able to get your first basic mount. Check it out and look at all the various options as some are…
  • As I stated, I did do it. I have experienced no lag or spikes of any kind, nor do I suffer on much more higher demanding MMOs. Neither my system nor my ISP is a problem, so that leaves where? Math is easy ...K.I.S.S.
  • Oh, and I wish I had FRAPPS or something like for saving the Mastery part 2 Quest with. It does have glitches in it that are not user related, but do cause problems, and may not be noticed due to the quest itself. Mounted and arriving at a statue to have it disappear and leaving not enough time to get to the new location…
  • Use the IQ test that is in the game? Or use the Skewered numbers and letters that are used to post? Or maybe, because they like them :/
  • Cutscene freeze to where you can move character, but can not see character except for the constant health buff increase was with all 3 Kindred when I was supposed to follow the light to the werewolves. For the Elf being dropped off from the griffin to the commander at the battlefield with the centaurs and snipers. Cutscene…
  • So this is why I have seen such stupidity for a level 1 crafting item. No way is it worth it. I have a miner that did a lot of mining, passed the ores off to my Artisan that has yet to make anything and then went to check out Soul Gem Lvl 1 in the AH. The damn things started at almost 3 Gold and higher which got me to…