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  • Their putting in Arena in it soon. Good enough for you? Kinda of the same thing I suppose. What's with the WoW people...?
  • Uhm question... What do you know about this updates and exactly how do you know their coming fast? Hey they could be coming in December or sooner we won't know but why take your word? kthxbai. I'm adding this in: My vampire would be level 60 already if my internet didn't go down for a while. Let alone you can most likely…
  • I posted pics earlier on another character. So heres 2 others. Randomly trying on a dress for a cruise :) Sissy said I looked cute in it ^^ Chilling with my puppy Cody :p And Charlie's head is in it(The black dog) I'll look for senior pics later ^^
  • Just saying this :) You are an idiot that needs to move back to WoW if you want PWE to make FW be like WoW then you need to get your butt back to WoW and enjoy the glory of everything on there. Was nice knowing this idiot. Note: This thread was made by a 100% pure idiot :)
  • The more you talk the more I take you less serious on this. You want more competitive gamers? Is that what your asking? Let alone saying we will get bored when we hit level 60? HELLO! Do you hear yourself. Your playing this game now aren't you? You want competitive gamers go to WoW where you think its more popular then…
  • Not picking sides but agreeing with him. I don't really understand this thread. The more I read it tbh the more I wanted to hunt you down in real life and beat the day light out of you :) But what's in red is what I agree with :p By the way I just read that WoW is popular. Well if you think it's popular then PWE games then…
  • I like it, it has a good beat and isn't rushed. 7/10 Few of my songs: of everything I prefer this song live it's in Swedish, this is a song that makes me cry if it plays when I'm depressed)…
  • You guys are asking them to switch servers when maybe the server their on they got to a really good level like 40 or higher, idk. But I know if I was one of those Asian players and I had eh let's say a level 48 Priest I wouldn't want to switch not after all the hard work I did. I'm just saying
  • Lol. That's when you run your friggin butt to the exit before the boss dies :p
  • That's when you use half the picture. Even though it cuts out a lot, there is still use of it.
  • Let's recap. This thread is about pking in instances on the PvP server no? Who says I'm QQing cuz I'm playing the PvE server? I've played PWI PvP and love it, give me time to learn the roots for FW before I move to the PvP server. Plus I'm smart enough to leave the instances before I leave the squad.
  • It's funny how players will play PvP and they might not know what PvP means. For the noobs that don't know PvP means player vs player which means you're always gonna be pked PvE means player vs everyone which means you wont always get pked. Suck it up you play on a full PvP server. Can't take it join the PvE server. Least…
  • Shield your eyes little ones. The pedo's are slowly rising into power
  • Either that or join PvE server. If you can't handle a PvP server then you better pack your things and go to a PvE server. End of story.
  • OMG! *dies of laughter*
  • I don't play on that server but do you really have to wait 5mins to leave? I thought it was 30 seconds.
  • Curious, are you still making signatures? If so here's my request :) Name: Asayo Quote: Morning World Picture: (I prefer this one) (or this one)…
  • OKAY! The point of this thread is to get a new server for the South Americans, not fight about the diversity and language on this server let alone say PWE is an American game. Not to sound like an **** hole but really guys stay on topic. I like the idea of getting anew server for the ones that live in South America. I…