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anole300#5837 Moderator


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Administrator, Forsaken World Moderator


  • iorrans
    hey Anole, can u can unlock the option for edit post in "Create u wing"i did a post there and was trying edit but the option not is available. thx
    March 21
  • keks117
    hey anole,
    I have only one question, what about the winners of the fashion contest from Europe? (EU)
    You had written " There will be 3 winners from EN and 3 from EU"
    soo....there are only 3 winners of the EN server selected. What about EU?
    Can you explain me why?

    Best regards
    March 15
  • darklineworld
    Can you please look into the spend rewards i think something is wrong with the set amount of star crystals being sent out instead of 12 i think its something like 50 or 100?
    March 2
  • iorrans
    Hello, i keep having issue with My Signature for some reason i can't take any img there, it keep saying "Image not allowed" you have any idea what happening there? the img i'm trying take is that

    so let me know if u can help with it ty.
    February 28
  • ichdumm
    Hi anole300,

    pls be so kind and inform someone who is respond able for german forum.
    Second time now that a post of mine had to be watch over from a admin/FM.
    Only thing i did is copy over and translate e.g. CODE results for the german gamers.
    Some "fine tuning" in the post kick it to "admin must view" section.

    BUT we do not have a admin / FM or someone like that. For ~5 months now.

    Kind regards
    February 17
  • polarnimedo#7582
  • exiliaxdxd
    Hi Anole,
    I´m a user from the german Forum.
    Do you know that we didn´t have an active foren MOD since 1.1.19 ?
    Curran is gone cause he got any information about everything and Shallenak is missing for month.

    Do you have any ideas or options where we get a new active foren Mod for the german forum?
    January 8
  • juniorarq#2649
    Hello Anole!!
    I'm have a serious issue in posting in the forum. I've tried it several times and my post does not appear on the "Create a Mount or Pet Contest! 11/24 - 12/7" promotion that ends today. Can you help me please? Thank you very much in advance.
    December 2018
  • fudge5222
    If my buffs on illyfue interrupted trading i'm sorry, i didn't realize that the damage it does to give the buff might have that effect.
    December 2018
  • xnavax
    Anole I'm having a serious issue with my account, im unable to log my toons on LH but i can log my illyfue toons and eryda toons, LH toons are my main one. I run a guild and raids and other things crucial to my guilds survival in game PLEASE GET BACK TO ME
    November 2018
  • klarahen5
    I see in news new orbs in Voyage arrives and new mount Stinger https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/forsaken-world/news/detail/11009213-spend-promo

    Of this mount I drew for "NEW YEAR PET OR MOUNT DESIGN CONTEST!" in 2017 https://forum.arcgames.com/forsakenworld/discussion/comment/12721352/#Comment_12721352

    I can count on getting this mount after the expansion release as as the author of this sketch? :))), because I didn't even get any reward for the contest :(((
    October 2018
    • anole300#5837
      Yup - that's the plan! We'll send it out shortly after launch! ^_^
    • klarahen5
      Thanks Anole!!!
      (my charater xKIRlTOx Nyos)
  • keks117
    Hey anole,
    do you know where our german gm shalenak is?
    You can also write a PN .
    Would be nice!

    Thank you and best regards,

    October 2018
  • genoneil
    You guys really need to put multiclienting thru arc again at least the servers werent so dead. With the way it is now alot of ppl lost alot of accounts due to arc defender issues. Please put it back to the way it used to be alot of ppl would be much happier. or i cant see FW lasting to long.
    September 2018
  • anasilva991
    Hi anole300#5837 could you throw me a pm please, i have some things i would like to discuss and possible solutions :3
    July 2018
  • fw2database#6189
    Ur Guild AH fix did only more bad this bug))) Now ppl can overbid themself))) I know how to fo it and only me. So...
    July 2018
  • ichdumm
    Hi Ho,

    can you ask devs and provide me with a contact to the devs of the game ?

    I done a lot of small corrections on UI of the game to have better experience for the players.
    Parts that are available in eng. client now also available in ger. client.
    E.G. Server Broadcast etc.

    Some things are post here:


    Corrections mostly are smaller font size, e.g. first word ist set too y=1 next word too y=2 next word y=1
    and so on.

    Kind regards
    June 2018
  • xnavax
    hey notifing you of a class bug after patch of Wind Reapers Nyos 35 energy soul talent not working it has a 21.6%chance to activate on Wrathful Twister and Sickle Assault, it used to stack but no longer stacks. This is a huge problem in dps as a wind reaper as i now am reduced to 35-40% what my actual dmg should be. I've spent over 10k in this game would like this sorted out, after investing that much money into your game i believe you as a company should fix any problems not only me but other people have in a timely manner. This effects how my guild will run the new raids, rift, and EB cause I am the guild lead of one of the more active guilds in Lionheart atm. Please send me a msg to let me know the situation on this bug, it is literally game changing for any wind reapers in game cause it makes our experience in game feel like we can't do anything.
    May 2018
    • xnavax
      i can provide videos of when the stacks did work and how its supposed to interact with skills to where it is now currently if need be.
  • theshark#7194
    our characters are stuck in x server , we cant relog even change realms pls fix it
    April 2018
  • uptownlala
    STATE OF THE GAME: hi, is it possible to get some sort of official 'State of the Game' post/update. Is it possible to get honest feedback/update on whether or not PW/ARC will continue this game? Activity has dropped significantly. There are a few players still cash shopping orbs. Will it be possible to have a forum post addressing the future of this game? Will it be possible to have suggestions from players on how to help save the game?

    My suggestion would be to create a 'MEGA-SERVER' that merges all remaining servers into 1(US,EU, etc). The game can pretty much remain the same. Use the realms 1-10 as overflow channels. Use realms 1-5 as pvp. Use realm 6-10 as pve.

    The main purpose is to merge the remaining population. If PW/ARC wont improve/fix the game, atleast merge the remaining population. Running multiple raids or asking for random instances is becoming impossible. The moral is low. The game boring. Be honest, tell us about the future of the game, Thank you
    April 2018
  • stew675
    As a heads up, if PWE wanted to make a boat load of money easy, just put the Winter Guardian orbs up for purchase again at the 20 leaf price they were before. These orbs provide the mats to level the Hudson astroplane tree. The longer that is delayed at this point, the more mats that most are just getting from regular daily grinding will complete their trees to a satisfactory point, and so the less money that PWE would make from such a sale in the future.

    Strike while the iron is hot, as they say.
    April 2018
  • angelhead

    I know you don't normally answer questions regarding upcoming events and such, but I would like to say many of us would love to see a nice anniversary event to celebrate seven years with Forsaken World :)
    March 2018
  • copolong#9918
    I cashed, money already picked form my bank Acc, but my leafs not onm y char, it said transaction pending. Still waiting. I cashed only for the 2 promos alive. No live support now.
    March 2018
  • phenamenon
    can you give give me a link to a manual patch havent played a while and game wont start
    March 2018
    • anole300#5837
      Apologies, but there are no manual patches, it is all automatically handled thru Arc and the launcher.
  • ichdumm
    Hi Anole,

    please do me a favor and take a look on my profile or whatever. Looklike the i'm blocked for some reasons. I could not upload any picture to the forum. I do not get any notification why about it. Every single try i did is be answered by forum software "must be approved" popup. Only came up if i try to add a picture in my post. Doesn't matter where picture is been hosted.

    Kind regards
    March 2018