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anole300#5837 Perfect World Employee


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Forsaken World Moderator, Administrator


  • lordmasaka
    This NEEDS to be addressed immediately, and in the case of at least xAlivex, he's been banned for cheating before, and here he is doing it all over again. Why? Because you guys gave him a tap on the wrist the last time. If you care about this game, he needs to be gone. He's not going to stop breaking the rules, and he's admitted in forums, to knowing all kinds of little hacks or cheats, ways to abuse certain systems to gain unfair advantage. Clearly this is someone that's an issue, but he spends money, so we all know you guys don't deal with those kinds of players the way that you should. Illyfue had a ton of high level players banned for this sort of behavior as well. Trust me, no one is going to miss him.
    January 21
  • lordmasaka
    There is nothing in either of these player's builds that would allow any of them to take such an astronomical amount of punishment and walk away scot-free. Realistically, if no one is going to even check these players at all, then they're going to run rampant, and what incentive is there NOT to use the same cheats that they're employing?

    We're not sure how it works, or how they got them, but it's too obvious. There's nothing about a reaper or vampire that can prevent them from losing health or mana for minutes at a time, between multiple guilds, with no healers in sight. He was cc'd to the ground, and we still couldn't do any real damage for minutes on end.

    January 21
  • lordmasaka
    I'm not going to bother with support on this one. It's too obvious that you have some cheaters in your game. xAlivex, Evolution, Mr_Sword, and countless other members of Hubris at least that we suspect for now. It's enough to warrant an investigation into these players. We weren't expecting it before, so unfortunately, we didn't have the set up to record it, but a reaper stood between two guilds, taking all the horrendous amount of focus fire that would cause a single player not being healed to be absolutely demolished in pvp, and he wouldn't even lose mana. We couldn't even mana drain A REAPER. There is nothing about his stat line to suggest that he could even take that amount of damage, and the combat log will register that they're taking crazy amounts of damage, and yet still, their health seems almost impossible to even move from full.

    This is beyond game breaking, when one player can walk into a fight against anyone he wants, and beat them all purely because no one can hurt him.
    January 21
  • jcodera
    I love forsaken world. I've been playing since 2011 and have met some wonderful people on this game and I would hate for it's player base to go down anymore than it has in the last few years.
    January 16
  • jcodera
    Hello anole, I'm just taking a shot in the dark here with messaging you personally since I'm afraid asking this in a forum post might leave me open to some snide comments from certain people.

    I'm just wondering if PWE still advertises Forsaken World outside of their own platform and facebook? Although I understand taking the game off of Steam and running it on ARC exclusively for security and support reasons, I noticed that ever since it was removed off of Steam's platform, the amount of new players joining the game and decreased over the years. I as well as MANY of the current players that have stuck around FW came from Steam.

    The player base as it is now is declining still, and what comes with that is there is going to be less people around to run raids, less players to fill out guilds in turn leads to less guilds to compete with in events like rift, siege, etc., and guilds that are still thriving having to rely on alliances to come out on top.
    January 16