Forsaken World and Windows 10 compability

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So windows 10 is coming out soon, any official news or facts about forsaken world/windows 10 combination?
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  • thenamesdomino
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    Nothing has been announced yet by way of compatibility. :)
  • nihooya
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    They cant make **** to work good with that shiety deffender and pins and u want them to be compatibile :D
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    The release date is july 29 2015
  • ZeroMyth - Illyfue
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    Well it works fine.
  • Ashtan - Lionheart
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    Simplest way to test this is to download a VM and install the Win 10 Techincal Preview and download FW. Now the graphics will be garbage but if you can launch game you should be fine. I would do it, but 1. Lazy. 2. last time I installed my VM it constantly froze and 3. I will try later if no one else has xD
  • Ashtan - Lionheart
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    Okay so after waiting to install all the latest updates for the Windows 10 preview, I finally installed Arc and FW and they both worked flawlessly. No need to change any settings (except graphics since virtual machines can't access your graphics card and make all graphics ****.) Install and play just like normal

    (I put the arrows just incase anyone tries to claim it's not real >.>)




    So I would say, yes FW is fully compatible with Win 10. MOST programs will be because Windows is very good with backwards compatibility. Honestly your main concern should be if your hardware inside your computer is compatible with Windows 10.