Sexism and visibility.

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I'm thoroughly pleased with FW and would recommend it highly.
HOWEVER :<) First, can FW be played on a Mac and if not, you're missing a serious audience;
Next, there should be a button to remove dialogue boxes from weapons because they visually interfere during battles;
Third, why are there no bras sold for Soul Leaves? Males can buy top[ and bottom, but not females. Sexist??
And last, while you're better than most games, you still lack enough solo quests at higher levels for those of us who tend to loners.Other than these, great game and

(p.s.: and how about letting same-sex couples do perfumed, rosews, and marry?? Hmmmm?)
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    (p.s.: and how about letting same-sex couples do perfumed, rosews, and marry?? Hmmmm?)

    This will happen when **** marriage can happen in china (game devs are there). So unlikely to be the near future.
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    If the game can be run on mac, you would see it in the System Requirements, its not there so I'm guessing that's a no... But this goes to the devs, who are in china, and probably don't care just like they don't care about a lot of things.

    Why would anyone remove dialog boxes, they only show up when you hover over the item or need it to compare gear. I've never found it to be a big problem.

    I agree there is a big lacking in quests but at a certain point it doesn't matter and no one can solo forever.

    No one, male or female can buy tops with SL, that was removed before the update came so that takes care of your potential "sexist" issue

    Go ask china about the **** couples/marriage thing I'm sure they'll go change some laws so it can be added. Remember, all the devs are in china and have to deal with Chinese laws. Yeah, there was sarcasm but people have asked this since PWI came out 6+years ago and it hasn't changed yet and since its a law thing, I doubt it will until there is a major shift in china