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U guys already changed the fact we cant stack packs and open them once anymore, wich sux for ppl that farm, also changed the times, we have only 3 times a day, wich makes hard sometimes with so much to do being able to run all chars into it. Now to make even worse we get to have lag or issues at least 1 time a day during invasion time.

I usually dont complaim about stuff here, but this is really stressing ....

What else can u guys do to make worse to farmers?

I know about fate/fissure bla bla bla u can use the roulette, however theres ppl that still like to farm unbound gems.
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    What CN devs change, they don't change back.

    Yep, I agree, it sucks seriously to end up with few open times. But do try remember its the CN devs that made the change, not PWE, who just have to live with it.